How to Get Started with iOS App Development?

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How to Get Started with iOS App Development?

Today, there has been intense penetration of smartphones in the lives of people due to the usage of solutions pumped up significantly. There are many organizations that have launched their applications and received tragic traffic. Mostly the platforms built for Android and iOS seem to survive the competition.

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iOS being a tough rival of Android, has witnessed a steady usage rise among people, such that there have been 1 billion iOS users recorded, as per the sources of 2021. So, by observing the number of users, you can clearly predict that developing iOS software is a strong spell.

However, in the end, it's a must for startups to own their mobile apps , which would help them stand still in the market despite such an immense ongoing contest. The following sections will explain the phases and steps involved in the iOS software development process.

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Steps To Initiate iOS Software Development

Usually, creating software compatible with running on a specific operating system needs definite steps to be followed by you. So, for building an iOS solution, there are certain steps you require to work on. Referring to them stated below will assist you with the same.

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Setup Your MAC

As you may know that iOS requires Apple's closed ecosystem, which includes iPad, iPhone, and iWatch. To create iOS software, the first and foremost requirement is a MAC computer/system/mini running the latest version of iOS (Ventura) and Intel's processor. The mac OS is accountable for using an iOS SDK for development purposes and running Xcode for the same. Also, you should ensure that the Mac OS should be the latest edition, as in an older one, the two main components(Xcode and SDK) may display an error to you while executing them.

Make iOS Developer Account

It becomes essential for you to enroll as an Apple programmer to make an application. It is because you would only be allowed to install Xcode on your system when you are a registered iOS coder. Furthermore, it would provide you with certain benefits, which include gaining privileges to utilize iOS SDK and limitless access to technical resources and development visuals. You can use all such resources from Apple’s developer website.

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Install XCode

When you have enrolled as an iOS programmer, the immediate step you should take is the installation of Xcode. It's an Integrated Development Environment offered to Apple developers, which contains numerous elements like iOS SDK, UI editor, debugging tools, and other such stuff. Furthermore, you should always install the latest Xcode 14.3, which encompasses the components required for building, testing, and circulating a particular software across all iOS platforms. Plus, it would streamline and enhance the development process to some extent.

Understand iOS SDK

Now when you have satisfied the requisites of making an iOS application, you require to gain sufficient knowledge of the Software Development Kit and become responsible for creating a platform. It contains several tools, APIs, libraries, and frameworks which are needed for constructing an iOS solution. However, it consists of every particular element mandatory for integrating the mediator APIs, creating appealing user interfaces, etc. So it's a must to stay aware of SDK will help you in numerous aspects of building an app.

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Know Swift / Objective-C

As an iOS coder, you should possess a basic idea for developing the software that is possible by using either of two languages: Objective - C/Swift associated with it. Swift is the most recent language armed with assistive attributes inside, which supports programmers in creating applications rapidly without much struggle. Whereas, Objective - C is an older version utilized for the same purpose.

Develop iOS Solution

When the knowledge of every specific constituent needed for building an iOS application is acquired, the only thing left is developing and running a solution. Do take care to make a platform capable of running on numerous Apple devices. When the software is ready, you require to execute it on a real device by connecting with your MAC, and it will be visible to you on a screen when paired with your MAC. So to run on a specific device, execute the run command by pressing ⌘+ R. It will execute an application in a particular device.

Apart from the above-discussed steps, if you are willing to create an iOS solution from a specific company, then you should hire iOS app developers that satisfy the several conditions mentioned earlier. In addition, building Apple software undergoes numerous phases, which are noted in the next section.

Different Stages of Creating iOS App

An entire iOS app development procedure is segmented into various phases. Every application requires to undergo each of them to meet the needs efficiently. If you are keen to know them all, then they are stated below:


In this phase, the design experts come into action. They need to work on making an innovative wireframe and design mockups that describe an application's UI/UX. Plus, they also need to design the numerous UI components, which include tags, attributes, buttons, labels, input styles, etc. Focusing on all these constituents of software design can improvise an overall layout and app navigation for users.


When the wireframe designs are finalized by a customer, the design team sends a file to the development team. They receive a file and begin writing a program to embed all the functionalities of attributes in accordance with a design made by designers. Alongside the design, they also require building software by considering the rest of the architecture, which contains networking, data persistence, debugging, and security.


Once a solution is developed, it is sent under quality assurance, and a team will detect the bugs using specific tools and forward software back to programmers for solving errors/ technical glitches existent in a platform. It's simple for iOS testers to examine an app as they just need to check it on a limited number of screen sizes. Hence, fewer devices for assessing an application will reduce the overall time to construct an app, and this is one of the reasons to opt out iOS software development for startup owners.

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When the solution passes through all such phases, an application can be deployed on an app store by uploading different screenshots and videos displaying the functionality of various features present within the software. In addition, you can also invite consumers to give their valuable reviews after utilizing it in real life, and it will help to fix certain issues before launching an app.

Final Words:

Despite Android being a mighty competitor, the number of iOS users is rising gradually with every passing year. So, if you are excited to build your iOS application, then here are some steps and different stages included in it discussed. Reading them will give you enough assistance and knowledge about creating iOS software.

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