5 Best Tools For Designing a Mobile App UI Design

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5 Best Tools For Designing a Mobile App UI Design

Mobile apps have become the new permanent in the online domain these days. Having a mobile is an essential element of your business transaction. From food ordering to shopping an app is the first preference of the user.

So, getting an app is the first thing that you look for when you set up your business in e-commerce or are looking to enhance the customer connect of your enterprise. But getting an app is not that easy, you need to ensure the efficacy of the same to provide suitability of operation to the users.

UI/UX design or the user interface design is a critical aspect of mobile app development when we talk about making user end performance seamless and effective. Since UI/UX is the point of contact for the user in regards to the operation of the application any glitch in this regards renders the efforts put in futile. Thus, in the design and development phase of the mobile app ensuring the user suitability of the app is crucial.

To get an effective UI/UX the UI/UX design services are what that firms look for to hire. UI/UX design services are offered by firms specialised in graphic designing. These firms offer quality UI/UX design services in sync with the app development process.

If you are looking to get a UI/UX developed for your app or are a budding UI/UX designer then we have some crucial insights for you. Yes, you got it right we are going to discuss some of the best UI design tools out there.

What more you need, just carry on reading until the very end and get a note of these popular and effective tools that you can use to develop the UI/UX of your choice. Let’s get started.

Adobe XD

This is one of the most effective mobile app UI/UX design tools. The tool provides you with all the designing tools from prototyping to wireframe on one single platform.

To add to its efficacy the Adobe XD is quite fast in terms of processing and easy to learn and adapt for a budding UI/UX designer. Though it lags behind its nearest competitor Sketch in certain aspects the tool has all the potential to be the domain leader in the near future.


Said to be one of the best UI/UX design tool in the market at present, Sketch is a comprehensive interface design solution. Based on Mac Operating System, Sketch is a lightweight development tool.

Professional features like infinite zooming option, styled vector shapes, 2x export facility provides all that you need as a UI/UX designer on the table. The most preferred tools of designers that are:

  • Wire-framing tool
  • Visual design tool
  • Illustrator

are seen present in Sketch which makes its adoption among designers a natural choice. Simple operation and feature add another feather to its cap.

Marvel's POP

The Prototyping on Paper (POP) from the house of Marvel is one useful design tool. Being an app based Android OS compatible tool it finds a good number of takers.

Talking about prototyping as a part of mobile app UI/UX design then you can surely lay your trust on POP. One can easily upload pictures and sketches to the app and can even upload the same to Adobe creative cloud. To do away with the storage worries POP comes integrated with Dropbox.

The POP app has no visual constraint and commences with the images of hand-drawn app sketches by connecting them together on the mobile.

Axure RP

Axure RP is one of the most comprehensive and complete design tools that are available in the market out there. The tool allows you to design flowcharts, idea, user journey, graphical documentation apart from wireframes and prototyping.

Axure RP brings with it an option that allows coders ready to use coded components and libraries to create some seamless, effective and need-based design. The tool supports Windows and X OS.

Origami Studio

The tool comes in with the brand name of Facebook on its back. This popular mobile app user interface design tool has been created by the engineers at the social networking giant Facebook.

If you have any worries in regards to its performance then the very fact that the tool is used by Facebook to design its apps would vein it away. One of the best parts about the tool is that it is freely available for download. This makes it quite an effective option for firms looking for cost-efficiency in the design and development process.

For the testing and assessment purpose, the Origami studio allows the users to connect itself with the Android and iOS OS based device. Through this feature preview of the design can be done and any changes (if made) can be observed on a real-time basis.


That’s it, readers, we have listed these best 5 design tools for your reference. We, hope that you have got an idea about how you can use them effectively for your designing needs. If you feel that we have missed any of the tools from our top 5 pick that deserves a place here then feel free to comment below.

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