What are the 7 Steps of Creating an App?

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What are the 7 Steps of Creating an App?

App development is an entire process, and while it may seem pretty straightforward, it consists of important steps. Here are the 7 steps of developing an application.

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First and foremost, you must figure out what you are trying to develop. You need to go to the drawing board and come up with an idea for an app. Planning also includes the competitiveness of the app in the ever-growing market, which is done with a lot of research. Usually, companies that develop apps will be assigned duties to conduct surveys and research to develop better ideas for an app. On top of that, a feasibility study and analysis are done to ensure that the app's cost is adequate yet reasonable. 

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You can’t waste time and effort developing an app without making a small-scale prototype first. This is a typical protocol in app development. Usually, a prototype is made and given out to customers, and their feedback is taken quickly to pinpoint the faults and improvements one can make in the prototype. This is much cheaper than tweaking the actual app. 

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This is the part of app development where UI and UX designers and developers come in. They will come up with the most appropriate interface and experience for the customer, and it’s your job to integrate this crucial thing into the final development code. If the app is associated with a brand, then the branding should also be incorporated into the interface. 

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Now is the time when your app gets finalized, and you are free to write the code. During development, you must decide the operating system on which the app will work. This is where the feedback, reviews, and improvements come in handy because you can make a code for the “final “version of the app and add any missing features. 


This is not a consecutive step. Rather, it is done in sync with the development phase. Usually, after writing a chunk of code, you will do a test run to see whether the app is working properly. Testing is done throughout the coding process, not just at the end. 


This is the step where your app is now available to the public. You send the final app to the app store and await their approval. After passing the necessary guidelines, your app can be downloaded by people worldwide. 

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Support & Maintenance

This is the updating of the existing app. Things are always changing, and if you want your app to keep up with modernization, you need to change the code and provide more features and changes to users for a better experience. 

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There you have it! These steps are extremely important, so much so that even if one is skipped or missed, the whole development plan can crumble to nothing. 

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