Features and cost estimation of ticket booking app development in 2023

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Features and cost estimation of ticket booking app development in 2023

These events typically took place in physical locations, and interested users could purchase tickets through the app and attend the event in person.

However things have drastically changed after the pandemic, many events were either postponed or moved online, leading to a decrease in demand for physical tickets. As a result, ticket booking apps have had to adapt to the changing market conditions by offering a wider range of ticketing options. Slowly but steadily, traditional booking has inevitably transformed into a digital platform. With innovative smartphone applications, ticket booking has become more accessible and convenient.

Key features of the ticket booking app

There are a number of key features that may be included in a ticket booking app, depending on the specific needs and goals of your app. Let us walk you through some common features that may be included in a ticket-booking app.

Real-time booking

A real-time booking feature in a ticket booking app allows users to view the availability of tickets and make a booking in real-time, without having to wait for the booking to be processed.

The real-time analytics feature makes the ticket booking process more convenient and efficient for users. They can easily view the availability of tickets and make a booking on the spot, rather than having to wait hours for confirmation of a ticket.

Multiple payment modes

Multiple payment helps users to choose from a range of payment options when making a booking. Users can make payments through a wide number of channels seamlessly with the help of this feature. Typically, this includes PayPal, digital wallets, internet banking, credit cards, debit cards and other third-party payment apps.

This feature is designed to provide users with greater flexibility and convenience when paying for tickets. Multiple payment options help in increasing the appeal of the app to a wider audience.

Discounts and gift vouchers

Now-a-days, discounts and vouchers are marketing tactics that are extremely important for your business to take off or give a boost. These include not just gift vouchers but also promotions and coupons that have a stimulating effect on the users.

Whatever discount or vouchers you choose, it is vital to be generated in a clear and understandable way so that users can easily opt for such discounts. Furthermore, you can take help from third-party voucher portals, so that users can redeem the vouchers all by themselves while booking tickets.

Languages and currencies

Many event organizers that manage leisure or fun activities aim to reach customers on a global level. In such a scenario, there is a risk that if a user can’t understand what or how to book a ticket because of a language barrier then he/she will simply book through another application.

Thus, it is crucial to have a feature in your app to book tickets in English and in other foreign languages. Moreover, it is also essential to integrate various currencies in your app through which users can feasibly pay for their tickets in their own currency.

Email automation

One of the most trending features in on-demand ticket booking apps is regular email automation. This feature sends automated emails to users at specific points in the ticket booking process. It can be used to provide users with information and recent updates about their ticket confirmation, upcoming events, remainders, feedback and much more.

An automated email with an attached PDF of the ticket can be sent to the customers that have purchased a ticket through the app. Overall, this feature not only aids in user experience but also helps app owners improve the app with the help of feedback received from users.


Invoicing is a modern-day feature that allows users to generate invoices for their ticket booking which can be further used for accounting purposes or record keeping. This feature is very useful, especially for businesses or organizations that need to track their ticket booking or keep an account of their booked tickets.

Additionally, to avoid spending time writing such bulk invoices, your reservation software should do this for you automatically. Your booking system software helps you manage all your booking information such as invoice numbers, tax rates and a clear breakdown of products or services. 

Embedded smart search

Embedded smart search is an advanced smart feature that is already surfacing in many successful ticket booking applications. This feature gives users the comfort of finding the tickets they are looking for faster and according to their location, history and specific needs. It uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to improve the accuracy and efficiency of users’ searches.

It helps provide more relevant search results making it easier for users to find and book their tickets faster. It reduces the time and effort required to find tickets, rather than having to wade through a wide array of irrelevant search results.

Ratings and reviews

One of the essential features to integrate into your ticket booking app is the ratings and review feature. This allows users to share feedback about the app in stars or comments. The ratings and reviews also allow app owners or developers to address the issues or problems that the users may have encountered and work on improving the app accordingly.

Furthermore, positive ratings and reviews of your ticket booking app shared by existing users aid in increasing the visibility of your app and attracting more loyal customers.

Customer support

One of the most crucial modern-day features is providing quality customer support to your users. You need a good and reliable telephonic as well as online support stem that helps users to resolve their queries. It not only helps users to get the needed assistance in ticket booking but also improves the overall user experience and loyalty towards your application.

Along with that in case of refunds or cancellations, customer support is vital to help users navigate through the process of refund or other options that are available to them. 

Cost of ticket booking app development

The cost to develop a ticket booking app usually costs around $15000 but the total cost can be as low as $7000 or as high as $15000, depending on the platform developed and the complexity of the application. There are a number of factors that influence the cost of development including, features, functionalities, design developers and much more. The more complex the app is, the more time and resources it may require and may therefore be more expensive.

The entire process of developing ticket booking is quite extensive and overwhelming. However, you can hire app development companies that have past experience in developing interactive ticket-booking applications. Hiring a renowned app development agency will help you identify your goals, develop a plan and streamline your ticket booking app development effectively. 

Winding up

Conclusively, the key features of a ticket booking app will depend on the specific needs and goals of the app, and may include a variety of features designed to make the ticket booking process more convenient and efficient for users. Moreover, while developing a ticket booking application, it is vital to make the app user-friendly, visually appealing and easy to use. 

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