How Much Does a Travel App Development Like Booking.Com Cost?

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How Much Does a Travel App Development Like Booking.Com Cost?

When we talk about different industry verticals, the travel sector is no different; instead, it widely accepts digitization. 

The huge demand for travel booking apps like Skyscanner or Uber has skyrocketed the market revenue. A study has shown that by 2026, the total app revenue of travel & tourism will reach $1,016.00 billion by 2027. People spend 86% of their time using smartphones, so the chances of better brand visibility rise. 

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Whenever an entrepreneur looks for a company, they prioritize the development cost. However, launching a brand-new traveling booking app in a competitive market can be challenging. You can hire a travel app development company to meet your end goals. 

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You can read this blog till the end to find out the overall cost of building a travel app based on the development process. 

Let’s begin!

Travel App Development Cost Based on the Development Process

  • Discovery Phase

A travel app developer company begins the app development process with in-depth market research. It helps understand the ongoing market trends or user preferences to develop the app accordingly. In short, you can get a better competitor analysis. 

With the help of the discovery phase, you can get better app opportunities and work on pre-existing solutions. 

Determine the questions mentioned below to get an expected app solution:

  • What results are you expecting from your travel app?

How are your competitors meeting their user’s demands?

Which tech stack will fit the best for your travel app development?

  • App Prototyping

The next step is creating an interactive prototype, where you will get the mockup version of your app before the final launch. A travel app prototype exhibit the app design, which rescues the cost of expensive rework. 

The minimum cost of creating an app prototype is $4,000, which can reach up to $15,840. You will get an app wireframing that tells how users will interact with your travel app. 

Wireframing is the app’s layout integrated with sketching, mapping out the user flow. Later, you can add more details to your app based on the end user’s feedback. 

  • Mobile App Development Process

After creating an interactive app prototype, developers move on to another step, and that is- the app development process.

Pick an app development platform that will fit your budget and business expectations. Besides that, you can even select the technology stack to build a high-performing travel booking app. 

The app development process is based on three concepts- back-end, application programming interface (API), and front-end. 

  1. The back-end process has a database and server-side object, which supports several mobile app functions. 

API is an intermediate between the mobile app and the back-end. 

Front-end is the app’s user interface, where users interact with various features & functionalities. 

  • Travel Booking App Security

Maintaining the app's security is crucial as it will keep your app safe from any data theft or malicious activity. Maintaining an app’s security will build trust, eventually creating a loyal customer base. 

Users share their information, like phone number, personal address, and credit/debit card details, which can’t be risked. So, as a business owner, it is your responsibility to create a secure environment for them. 

When it comes to security, the travel app development cost will vary; however, it will be worth it. The cost ranges between $70 to $230 on a monthly basis. 

  • Post Delivery App Maintenance & Support Services

After launching the app, you must provide app maintenance and support services as it will keep your app upgraded as per the latest market trends. Moreover, these services will help you provide services per the user’s feedback, delivering a more smooth user experience. 

You might be wrong if you think your travel app will be error-free; however, those errors can be fixed with time. Besides that, you can also upgrade the app design to attract new users and retain the existing ones. 

The travel app's maintenance cost is calculated yearly, which is evaluated at 20% cost of the complete development process. 


You must know that the cost of developing a travel app like is not fixed because it varies on several factors. For obvious reasons, the cost is a crucial factor and a significant concern for business owners. So, they think twice or thrice before investing in any app development company. 

Apart from the development process, the other significant factors that affect the app development cost are- which platform the business owner has chosen, feature integration, and more. 
You can also read a complete travel app development guide to learn more briefly about it.

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