Here is How to Change Your iPhone's App Icons

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Here is How to Change Your iPhone's App Icons

Have you ever thought that your iPhone's app icons were too dull for your liking? Or didn't match your aesthetic at all? There's always an option to change your lock screen and home screen wallpaper, yet nothing more than that. Well, what if we tell you that there's a way to change that!

Customization has never been Apple's forte, yet with their latest iOS 14 update, they have finally made it possible for users to change the size and color of iPhone's app icons allowing you to make your home screen as aesthetic (and pretty!) as you want. However, before you can get that perfect home screen, there are specific steps you need to follow. 

iOS 13 (or Higher).

To change the look of your iPhone's app icons, you'll need the 'shortcuts' app, which is pre-installed in iOS 13 and later updates. Moreover, if you want to add widgets and make your old app icons disappear, then you'll need the iOS 14 update on your iPhone.

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1. Go to Shortcuts.

If you can't find the 'shortcuts' app (very few people knew it existed before this trend took the internet by storm, it's ok), go to the app library and search it by typing it on the search bar.

2. Hit the "+" Button followed by "Add action".

Once you are in the app, click on the "+" button in the top right corner. Since you are making a shortcut to redesign your iPhone's app icons, you'll be clicking on the "+" for every app you want to redesign. Right after it, you'll be shown a screen with "Add action" on it. Click on it, pretty easy so far, right?

3. Search for "Open app".

At this point, you'll find a lot of suggested shortcuts on the screen (fascinating ones too but focus!), but as of now, we want to switch the iPhone's app icons. So, you have to go to the search bar and type "Open app", then tap on the open app link.

4. Tap on "Choose".

Click "Choose", you'll be shown the list of the apps on your iPhone, select the one you want to redesign, and you'll be directed to the New Shortcut Page. After that, click on the three blue dots on the upper right corner of the page; this is where you can change the name of the shortcut for your new app name.  

5. Once Renamed, click on "Add to Home Screen".

After you are finished changing your iPhone's app icons and their name, click on the "Add to Home Screen". Instead of replacing the original app, this will create a new icon on your home screen. You'll have to hide the original one later on. 

6. Change the Display Image of the Shortcut.

A pop will appear asking you to change the display image of the shortcut you have created, and you can either take a picture, choose an image or file. 

7. Hit "Add" in the Top Right Corner.

Once you tap the "Add" button, exist the app, and you'll see your new app icon display on your Home screen.

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