How to Hire React Native Developers Who Will Excel in Your Next Project?

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How to Hire React Native Developers Who Will Excel in Your Next Project?

Using mobile applications is getting popular with each passing day. In 2020, there were 218 mobile applications with a total expense of 23.4 billion US dollars. The expansion in usage of mobile applications might locate you to get one for your business. Well, it’s easy to create with React Native. So are you in search of a React Native Developer? Know that it’s not only you. Many organizations want to hire React Native Developers. This increases the competition making it tough for you to hire the best developer? From defining your requirements to getting a developer within your budget is a tough task. This guide will aid you in hiring React Native Developers.

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What is React native?

Everyone must be aware of ReactJS from Meta, but what is React Native. It is a framework supported by JavaScript that helps develop mobile applications. It uses a combination of JSX, XML-esque Markup and JavaScript. Mobile applications developed with it can help access user’s location, camera and other things on the devices by exposing it to JavaScript interfaces. Hence React Native developers can develop excellent mobile apps with web based JavaScript. It is an open-source JavaScript that is also known as ReN. Functionality and architecture of both React Native and React are the same. To date this framework has supported innumerable stunning applications. Although many platforms came up in recent years, React Native has managed to be on the top. It is in the list of most used frameworks by developers globally.

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Evaluating the roles and responsibilities of React native developers

If you are looking for React Native development, hire a dedicated developer. Before you hire React Native Developersknowing about their responsibilities is necessary. A React Native developer possesses an exceptional knowledge of JavaScript and the native platforms. As these developers have to work on the front-end of the mobile application they should know cross platform compatibility. They must also be aware about API integrations and the infrastructure of application integration. Eager to know what all responsibilities a React Native developer must handle? Here’s a list of those:

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  • Being able to develop complex applications with best features
  • Enhance the effectivity of close to native programs
  • Being able to detect and fix bugs
  • Able to convert the React web app to mobile application
  • Optimise efficiency by optimising elements
  • Develop high level programming for prototypes and wireframes
  • Can occasionally work with native modules
  • Get rid of performance bottleneck to enhance performance of the app
  • Able to enhance the app performance by coordinating with Redux architecture
  • Being able to coordinate with the team and develop the application

Pointers For Checklist while hiring React native developers

To hire React Native developers for the next assignment consider certain points. Upcoming text has pointers to tick yes before you hire any developer. Go through each one and when you get a suitable candidate, hire them.

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Non-Technical skills

It's not only the technical expertise of the candidate that you must test. It is important to assess the soft skills of the person you want to hire. This will let you assess how dedicatedly a person will complete the task. Non-technical skills mean the personality of the candidate which is more crucial than the technical skills. List of soft skills will vary upon seniority. A senior developer should have skills like leadership while a junior should have a learning attitude.


Technical skills

It's pretty obvious that the technical knowledge will not be high among the junior developers. But having a basic understanding of the framework and its components is a must. React Native is a JavaScript framework; hence junior developers must be aware of its features and enhancements. He should have navigation skills such as modal and push. While a middle level developer must know common approaches to performance optimisation. He must also be able to develop mobile specific features. A senior level developer should possess abilities to port Android and iOS applications that exist. Before you hire React Native developers of senior level assess their continuous integration and delivery.

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How to hire a React native developer?

You have three ways to hire React Native developers for your organisation. Hire an in-house, hire a freelancer or go for React Native web development company. Know that you will have to strive hard before hiring developers through any means. There are certain steps involved before you onboard a React Native developer. You will have to make preparations beforehand to avoid stress. The upcoming section will cover points to make your hiring process easier.

5 steps to hire React native developer that’s an expert

Here’s a 5 step process that can help you bag the best React Native Developer for your project:

Assess your requirements

Before you hire a developer you must be aware of your React Native web development requirements. You must be aware of the reason behind developing the application and features you want in it. If you have a deeper understanding of your requirements, you will understand the type of developer you need. There are both junior and senior level developers; hence it's on you which one to go for. Here is a list of pointers to follow while you describe your requirements:

  • Know the critical features and main functionality of your application
  • What problem does your app aim to solve?
  • What services will your app provide?
  • How will this excite users to avail more services?
  • Who are the users of your application?
  • About the third party integration you want to include
  • How do you want to keep track of the visitors?

Make a job summary

After you yourself have analysed job requirements, it’s time to prepare a job summary. This will include details about your company, technical requirements and necessary skills. This will let the hiring team have a clear picture of the ideal candidate and make the process smooth. Here’s a sample template for your reference:

  • Project overview: Describe company’s background and project’s core idea.
  • Technical requirements: Mention technology stack, graphic rendering, specific features and third party integration for your project.
  • Expectations: Mention duration of the project, engagement model and your budget
  • Skills: List out special technical skills, years of experience, education and portfolio you need.

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Look for different options to hire:

It's time now to assess your requirements again and decide how you will hire React Native developers? You have three options in your hand. Here are those common hiring options:

  • In-house: In case you want an employee to work full time from the office and handle projects completely, go for an in-house.
  • Freelancer: Hiring a freelance developer is a great idea for a small project. Also you should have experts to look after freelancers for better results.
  • Staff augmentation: Outsourcing is a great option while hiring React Native developers. You can get a developer from front-end outsourcing firms.

Prepare a list of shortlisted candidates

Once you publish your job requirement on the various platforms you will receive a long list of candidates. But now the main task begins as you will have to shortlist candidates from all those applicants. Select among all the applications as per certain criteria.

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  • Portfolio
  • Experience of the candidate with the similar project
  • Previous work experience
  • Recommendation by clients
  • Client’s testimonial

Make a list of the most appropriate candidates and schedule the interview with them. Having a list of shortlisted candidates will make tasks easier for you.

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Interviewing the candidates

In this step you will have to check the skill of the selected candidates. You will have to judge them on the basis of answers they provide for certain questions. Also make sure that you hire React Native developers on the basis of good communication skills, programming skills, understanding of project and collaboration. Here is a list of questions that can be a great help:

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  • Mention differences between ReactJS and Native.
  • What are the basic components of React and mention their usage?
  • How to resolve the memory leak problem?
  • Describe about any React Native application you did.
  • Were you able to use time and material approaches in your previous job?
  • How early can you fill the position?
  • How is React Native beneficial for mobile app development?
  • What is JSX?
  • List tools that you can use to debug React Native app
  • List top 3 mobile applications built using React Native
  • State differences between hot and live reloading
  • Describe about Hooks

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Along with this you can ask certain personal questions to assess the knowledge and personality of the shortlisted candidates.


Above mentioned are some useful pointers that can help you hire React Native developers without much stress. It’s pretty much sure that the hiring process can be tiring and tough. It could consume much time and energy before finding the right choice. Make sure you gather information before hiring a developer. There are plenty of developers out in the market; hence it’s a tough call. Take a help from the above guide to hire the best.

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