Which Programming Skills Are Highly Valued by Employers?

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Which Programming Skills Are Highly Valued by Employers?

With the ever-evolving digital landscape, more and more jobs are requiring skills in programming and software development. But which programming skills are most in demand today? Discover which computer coding languages and disciplines offer the highest salary potential and how to gain experience in these areas to secure a competitive job.

Software Engineering

Software engineering is the development of computer systems through systematic planning and coding. It’s a highly sought-after skill among employers because it requires individuals to be able to design and analyse system specifications, implement application architectures, and troubleshoot processes within a software system. Those who understand how to develop databases, web services, and distributed application software are especially desirable.

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Web and Database Development

Employers value those who can develop websites, databases and distributed applications using technologies such as Structured Query Language (SQL), HTML, JavaScript, Java and CSS. They are looking for someone who can bridge the gap between how the system works and what the user needs to accomplish. Knowing web development means being able to read and understand complex programming code, use databases securely, build scalable and reliable systems, integrate software with external applications and write custom scripts and APIs. In addition, employers like hiring those who understand how databases interact with application software solutions.

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Data Science and Analytics

As companies strive to better understand their customers and discover new business opportunities from the data they produce, having a strong understanding of data science and analytics is essential. Whether it’s creating a data warehouse solution to improve the way a business stores, organises, and interacts with its data or using machine learning algorithms to find interesting insights from raw datasets, those who understand these topics can quickly become invaluable to an organisation.

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Networking Security Architecture & Cybersecurity

Having a sound understanding of networking security architecture and cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important in the digital age. Companies must protect their data from a growing array of cyber threats, and those skilled in network security architecture can help ensure that the data is protected from malicious attacks. Understanding the basics of security policies, perimeter protection, firewalls, secure protocols, encryption algorithms and authentication systems are essential for keeping an organisations data secure.

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Mobile App Development Platforms & Technologies

Mobile app development has become an increasingly important skill for employers to have on their staff. Knowing the popular mobile platforms and technologies, like iOS and Android, will give developers an edge in the job market. Additionally, knowledge of coding languages such as Swift/Objective-C (iOS) and JavaScript/Kotlin (Android) can take your resume from ordinary to extraordinary. With a complete understanding of all mobile development platforms, you can build efficient, secure apps for use on any device or operating system.

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