What are the Top 10 Cyber Attacks?

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What are the Top 10 Cyber Attacks?

However, there are types of cyber attacks as well.

Types of Cyber Attacks

1. Malware

There are further malware categories, such as ransomware and spyware, etc. Without your knowledge or permission, a certain piece of software has been downloaded and installed on your computer. 

1. DoS Attacks

There are several ways to interrupt a business's activities by flooding a system with fraudulent requests, including DoS attacks.

DoS attacks prevent users from carrying out everyday activities, such as using email, sites, financial activity, or other services that are critical to their work or personal lives

1. Phishing

This is a very common one. Fraudulent email messages that look to originate from an established company are called "phishing." Data such as passwords and credit card numbers are sought with this method. 

1. SQL Cyber Attacks

It is possible to insert a computer virus into a web server SQL and compel it to disclose information that it ordinarily would not. Hackers can use search boxes on sensitive websites to perform SQL injections. Prevent Injection attacks by learning how to protect yourself against them.

1. Man in the middle attack (MITM)

Using a man-in-the-middle assault (MITM), an intruder may eavesdrop on the targets, collect sensitive information or passwords, or even change the discussion.

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Due to the widespread usage of end-to-end encryption in email or chat platforms.

1. DNS Tunnelling

An advanced attack method known as DNS tunneling allows hackers to maintain access to a specific victim. Malware may be "tunneled" into DNS queries because many businesses fail to verify DNS traffic for threat actors. 

1. Cryptojacking

The term "cryptojacking" refers to hijacking a user's pc or laptop and using it to mine cryptocurrency, such as BTC. This is dangerous because hackers can use an organization's curricula business to work on mining. 

1. Trojans

Trojans can disguise themselves and mess up your system. Viruses can multiply themselves. However, trojans cannot. In addition to launching an assault, Trojans develop a secret entrance that may be exploited in the future. There are many ways an intruder may use a trojan to generate a high-numbered port, for example.

1. Botnets

A solitary bot couldn't do much harm, but they may be very strong and deadly when they work together. To carry out a variety of assaults, hackers rely on botnets. Businesses might incur losses in penalties, fines, and customers due to these assaults.

1. Cross-Site Scripting Attacks

XSS attacks employ third-party online funds to operate scripts in users' scripting software or internet browsers. Inside an Attack, an attacker injects a dangerous JavaScript-infected payload into a website's server. This payload is sent along with the HTML body. This is done whenever the targeted victim tries to access a site on this domain. 

Following are some types of cyber attacks that one should be aware of. Awareness can lead to better decision-making in terms of cyber security

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