5 Ways to Help Protect Yourself from CyberCrime

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5 Ways to Help Protect Yourself from CyberCrime

The world knows how serious the issue of cybercrime is. Nowadays, where everything is digital, your online security matters considering important data is at stake. Everything is at risk, from your bank details to your medical records and e-statements from the bank.

We have rounded up for you 5 ways to help you browse the world wide web safely and save yourself from being taken advantage of online.

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Creative Passwords

Creative passwords can fight cybercrime quite literally. You might have heard and seen this a million times, but it is one of the best ways to keep your accounts safe and unhackable. Always set creative and hard passwords consisting of uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numbers, and even symbols.

These passwords are usually hard to crack, and this combination will ensure that no one tries to mess with you. Also, longer passwords are safer than shorter ones. Anywhere from 8 to 14 characters is a password with excellent strength.

Encryption of Wi-Fi

You will be chilled to the bone if you find out what hackers can do with your Wi-Fi information. That’s why you need to encrypt your internet connection and consider getting a virtual private network (VPN). Simply put, a VPN is like going incognito on the internet, even with a public connection. You can rest assured that your personal and private data is not going anywhere with a VPN. NordVPN is one of the highest-rated VPN providers, possibly the best in the market at the moment. Check out this comprehensive NordVPN review to find out why.

Don’t Click Every Ad you See

Number one way a case of cybercrime happens is by clicking banners on websites. You see them all the time. There will be banners upon ads for any website or blog you visit. Not all of these ads are helpful, and some might harm your devices. They can be sources of malware and viruses, so you shouldn’t click on these ads until or unless it's authentic.

Identity & Finance Protection

Online banking and payments may have made things quite easy, but this confidential and extremely sensitive information shouldn’t be floating around. Always ensure you never share your identification number, social security number, or credit card number/PIN on any sketchy website or with anyone.

These things are not meant to be shared on the internet or given freehandedly to anyone and everyone. The last thing you want is being taken advantage of, stealing your identity, or worse, getting wiped clean from your finances just because of a silly mistake.

Outdated Software - A Big No

Software update notifications are not there to bug you. Although it can be quite tempting to delay them every time you see this notification pop up on your screen, it's best to get it done and over with. Outdated software can be a lot easier to hack.

This is why software and app companies are always coming up with new ways to fix bugs, tie any loose ends which might lead to data leaks, and improve the security features, and this can be implemented only through timely software updates. 

There you have it! With every innovation and technology comes its own set of pros and cons. These tips will help you to enjoy the luxury of the internet and social media, keeping malware and cybercrimes at bay.

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