How to Find the Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA

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How to Find the Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA

Are you interested in starting a business on Amazon FBA? If so, understanding the essentials of launching a successful venture is key. This guide will help you understand the basics of Amazon FBA from opening an account on Amazon to further provide some tips on choosing a product that has potential for success.

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Research trends within your chosen product category & test demand

Before you decide on the exact product that you want to sell, it’s important to first understand the demand for different types of products within your chosen category. Researching trends and understanding what customers are buying in your niche will help you pinpoint a particular product offering with potential success. Additionally, testing out market demand with teaser ads and price comparisons can help you better understand customer reaction before taking the plunge and investing in inventory

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Carefully consider potential supplier options

When it comes to suppliers, it’s important to take time for research and comparison. Read product reviews carefully and make sure that the supplier is ISO certified, meaning that their products meet industry standards. Similarly, if you are ordering specialized products, such as electronics or other technology items, be sure your supplier offers a warranty. Trustworthy suppliers guarantee a higher quality product, which in turn translates into a more successful selling experience on Amazon FBA.

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Calculate costs and set a competitive price point

It’s important to do the math and consider any associated expenses when determining the best product to sell on Amazon FBA. Research comparable items and be sure to include what customers are willing to pay while still leaving room for a profit. If a product’s price point is too high, it will prevent potential buyers from making a purchase. Plus, account for Amazon FBA and other fees including packaging costs, photography services, shipping charges and advertising. All of these elements need to be considered in order to set an appropriate price point before listing your product for sale.

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Build a strong FBA business model that includes shipping and handling fees

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When creating your FBA business model, it’s essential to account for all the associated costs that come with a product creation and shipping. These include any packaging, labeling and shipping costs. Don’t forget to factor in Amazon FBA fees, fulfilment cost or any custom packaging or labelling charges. By accurately calculating these expenses up front, you can set an appropriate price point for customers while ensuring there’s still potential for profits for you as well.

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Research existing Amazon ratings, reviews, & customer feedback to identify what customers love - and don’t like - about each product

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Customer reviews and ratings can give you a valuable insight into which products are successful, in demand and popular. Read through all available customer feedback to identify what people like and don’t like about each product. This will provide great guidance when deciding which product categories you want to target!

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