Amazon Shuts Down Over 13000 Pakistani Accounts Due to Fraud

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Amazon Shuts Down Over 13000 Pakistani Accounts Due to Fraud

Amazon is the world’s largest retail website, and Pakistan might be one of the few countries where it is not operational. Although Amazon introduced affiliate marketing in our country, is it still working? Here’s everything you need to know:

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work? 

Affiliate marketing is a way of making a certain website known and prominent among others. You can become an affiliate marketer for Amazon in any country by making an account. All you need is a prominent following on your website and blog. You can partner with Amazon through its affiliate program. 

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You must make an account and mention your website or blog name. You can set up payment through PayPal and officially become an Amazon affiliate member. But where does the money factor in all of this? Well, you will need to promote Amazon on your blog/website through ads or promotions, and this will send traffic to Amazon through your affiliated links or IP address. The higher the traffic from your links, the more you will be paid according to a pre-set commission. 

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Amazon Suspending over 13,000 Pakistani Affiliates Due to Fraud

Many people from Pakistan are a part of the Amazon affiliate program. Still, quite recently, it has been found that Amazon has removed over 13,000 Pakistani affiliates from its program, the reason being a fraud. Many Pakistani sellers are reported to lure buyers into placing orders and making advance online payments in full, and the buyers complain of never receiving their orders. Amazon took strict and prompt action against these affiliates and suspended their memberships and accounts for good. 

Potential Suspension of Pakistan

The suspension of over 13,000 affiliates from the Amazon Affiliate marketing program is no joke. It is extremely embarrassing for Pakistan, and these scams can lead to potential suspension and blocklisting of Pakistan from its approved seller list. This is a huge blow to the emerging entrepreneur community, who make their living out of Amazon affiliations. Because of some fraudulent sellers and members, the whole Pakistani affiliate community is being affected. 

Amazon in Pakistan: Will it Ever be Real? 

As of now, it is unclear whether Amazon will ever be operable in Pakistan, as there are many issues regarding payment through PayPal, unavailability of products, and lack of trustworthy affiliated personnel. Amazon is already hinting that Pakistan might be permanently removed from its seller’s list, the reason being unknown up till yet.

Many entrepreneurs and Pakistani affiliates believe that scams through fraudulent members, extremely late deliveries or none, unsatisfactory customer feedback, hacking of credit cards, and confidential and personal information are the main reasons for Amazon’s reputation. 

This is not to say that all Pakistani affiliate marketers are scamming buyers. Still, the ones that do tarnish the image of Pakistan and jeopardise the careers of honest affiliates.

Laiba Omer

Laiba Omer

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