Complete Guide on how to make a website Mobile-Friendly

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Complete Guide on how to make a website Mobile-Friendly

For every business today, it is very important to have an online business and have its representation on the website. Virtual assistants focusing on web design should be able to refer the businessman to different websites that are already built. The professionalism level, style as well as the overall quality of the website is the most important thing.

No doubt website presentation is pushed to the bottom of the priority list in marketing strategies in the middle of social media marketing; it does not seem to be a better way. So, here are a few tips to help you improve the website outlook and to serve the visitors with this sort of user experience.

What is Mobile-Friendly Test?

The mobile version of the business website is a replica version of the main site. For this sort of website, a special layout is used allowing you to view and navigate through the resource pages from mobile phones as well as tablets.

The mobile-friendly test is one of the special tools allowing you to see what score your website was because of Google search calculation parameters. This is a perfect set of the factors offered by Google helping you determining how convenient mobile version of your site is to the users.

This is a perfect implementation of the comfortable access to the complete website from mobile devices. In smartphone screens the site appears in one column, therefore before you make a mobile version of the website, a developer needs to think very carefully about the design, place and everything in a way to not cut down the visitor in the functionality and also make interaction with the resources as conveniently as possible.

Use only Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is one of the best solutions for mobile-friendly websites. If asked why? It simply permits developers to make the website viewable on different devices with some different sizes on the site. With responsive design, you would be able to make your layouts and images even more flexible, and keep the style sheet media queries cascading right from the beginning. With the help of the responsive website design, the web pages figure out the user’s screen size and would change the layout accordingly. Hence it will simplify the task for developers while developing a website.

Do not make a different Mobile-Friendly Website

Many people commit this mistake. In the past when businesses designed websites for the mobile web, they would cut out content to fit for the mobile user and could not decide which parts of the content were more suitable for mobile. However there is no control over what kind of content users want, and we can simply not say what kind of content users want, and we can’t say that mobile devices are so fundamentally different from our desktops that mobile has to have its own web space.

Last time I checked, there just one Google, and if Google penalize us for duplicated content already, then having two websites – one for mobile and another for desktops – with the similar content defeats the purpose of trying to demonstrate on Google’s search engines.

Use High-Resolution Images

Just like Instagram, high-resolution images are very much important on your responsive websites to make sure your user experience has a higher standard. The recent models of iOS devices have high-definition screens that need an image double the resolution of a desktop. Having high-resolution images will help you neglect pixilated or even blurry images when seen on a retina-quality screen.

Do not constrain your user's Mobile experience

Regardless of how beautiful your mobile website is, always include a “go to full website” or view desktop screen” option available at the bottom of your website. Some people still prefer the complete site experience and if they do, why limit them from having its experience mainly if that’s what they prefer. The last thing that you want to do is lose a potential new consumer just because you stopped them from experiencing your complete site, right?

Never Stop Testing

Once you have created a responsive website, your duty doesn’t end there. Test it for the second time, and test it again. It doesn’t mean trying it on a single mobile device multiple times, rather test it out on an iPhone, a windows phone, and different operating systems. Test every single page, buttons, user action and when you are testing, it is always elementary to put yourself in the shoe of a user or ask someone who did not design it to test it for you.

YouTube videos on Mobile site

It is never easy to use videos on the mobile web version. YouTube videos are the best answer to this specific problem. Videos on YouTube fight against all difficulties in viewing videos on mobile. In fact, YouTube already made everything for you, all that’s required to do is to use it.

Wide User's Mobile Experience

You can make an exclusive website, but you should offer a choice to your users. “Go to the full site” or “view desktop version” is an important button as there are still many users who prefer the complete site interface, so offer them this opportunity.

Serve the Service in a simpler way

Do not make the mistake of dumping everything on a single page. It is better if you put up some relevant products in a single category. Huge mess up makes the website ugly as well as uninteresting. Simple is always pleasing. The products need to be easily available in simple ways.

Why do you need a Mobile-Friendly test?

Since you are aware that it is really important to fetch traffic to your website from different sources, it simply means that there are various types of users who prefer to search on the internet from various devices. Therefore webmaster should always be in fashion. If you have relevant best tests, your website may fail in Google SERP. It is hence a valuable factor for ranking. Today, more and more websites are trying to meet Google demands. When your website is mobile-friendly, you will not just make it convenient for your users, but at the same time, you will also see a big improvement in search engine ranking.

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