iPhone or Android – Which can drive more leads to your Business

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    Due to the rapidly growing use of mobile devices for Internet browsing, business mobility has become the order of the day. Almost all companies focus on business opportunities flowing through small devices and try to increase the ROI as far as possible. Modern smartphones and tablets have different software. Most of them are Android, iPhone (iOS platform), Windows OS. The latter is not so popular among people. They prefer either Android and iOS. Entrepreneurs always have a question- which one is better between these two when it comes to lead generation? Let’s find out.


    • The approximate number of apps for Android: 3.5 million
    • The approximate number of apps for iOS: 2.2 million

    Frankly speaking, numbers are not the best indicator. It is because most of us use only a few applications, and the most popular ones are available on both platforms. Traditionally, iOS has been a more profitable platform for developers. So, there was a tendency for new applications to appear on the Apple store. But time is changing and the market share of Android continues to grow with each passing day. In the USA, iOS dominates the market, but Mobile Development Companies in other countries are increasingly targeting Android

    Hardware Requirements

    The differences between the iPhone and Android become apparent when you look at the hardware used for that. Always keep in mind that Only Apple makes the iPhone. So, it has better control over the joint work of software and hardware. On the other hand, Google offers Android software to many handset makers, including Samsung, HTC, LG, and Motorola. So, Android phones vary greatly in size, weight, features and, quality.

    When you talk about quality, premium Android phones are usually better than iPhones. But cheaper Android versions are more prone to problems and irrigate mobile phone users. iPhones may also have problems with the equipment, but usually, they are of higher quality.

    You need to choose a model if you decide to buy an iPhone. As many companies are producing Android devices, you have to choose both the brand and the model, which can be a little confusing. Many people prefer a wider choice of Android, but others appreciate the simplicity and quality of Apple.

    Navigation Capabilities

    Both devices have GPS navigation, which works by connecting the device to the Internet. the Android platform seems to a winner here. For iPhones, maps are a fairly new phenomenon. So, they are not as perfect as Google Maps, which is extensively used by Android owners.

    The Convenience of the Interface

    Android is a bit more complicated than an iPhone on iOS. It is much more convenient and easier to understand an iOS device. But, “apples” do not have as many functions to change the theme, wallpaper, widgets, etc. Always keep in mind that iOS for iPhone is more adapted, protected and reliable than Android for smartphones.

    Battery Backup

    Early iPhones require people to charge their batteries every day. Always remember that newer versions of the operating system tend to shorten battery life until they are optimized in later releases. The Android battery situation is more complicated due to different hardware options. Some Android devices have 7-inch screens and other features that run much longer on battery power. A wide variety of Android models offer ultra-high-capacity batteries. Android can provide a device that works much longer than the iPhone without recharging.

    User Service

    You must always keep in mind that Apple emphasizes elegance and simplicity on the iPhone above all. So, users cannot upgrade storage or replace batteries on their iPhones on their own. They can get the battery replaced by a qualified repair person. On the other hand, Android allows users to change the phone’s battery and increase its capacity.


    If you are worried about the security of your smartphone, choose the iPhone. It is because 97% of all malware, viruses, worms, etc, are found on Android. iPhone is a much better option when it comes to security. Always keep in mind that users love using safe applications that can protect their confidential information and help them find the desired stuff in the smallest possible time.

    Final Remarks

    The debate of iPhone Vs Android is always on. Some favours iPhone while some others praise Android. As an ardent business owner, just analyze your specific business needs, the device preference of the targeted audience and take steps accordingly to generate more leads every day. Best of Luck!

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