Best Youtube Channels to Learn JavaScript

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Best Youtube Channels to Learn JavaScript

1. TheNewBoston

TheNewBoston youtube channel provides a huge array of topics when it comes to tutorials, tips, and tricks. One of these topics is the super-popular JavaScript programming language, not just vanilla JS either.

2. Traversy Media

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Traversy Media is yet another major web development and programming youtube channel that offers a wide selection of topics. Again, this channel doesn't just have topics on JavaScript so if you want to learn other stuff about programming too, this channel is perfect for you.

3. The Net Ninja

Next on the list is the UK's answer to epic programming and web development tutorials. The Net Ninja publishes a range of very insightful and easy to follow guided videos to help you learn quickly. The channel hosts a wide range of playlists spanning over many programming languages and subset frameworks.

4. LearnCode.Academy

Learn how to code with the learn code academy youtube channel, boasting over 700k subscribers, the video-rich channel hosts educational JavaScript in abundance. These super high-quality videos will super-charge your JavaScript knowledge and best of all, it's all free of charge thanks to Youtube.

5. Dev Ed

The Dev Ed channel which has over 650K subscribers not only provides tutorials but crash courses and top tips videos about technology and frameworks. Check out the content on this channel which has nearly more than 20 million video views since it started back in 2018.

6. Programming with Mosh

This epic channel teaches you how to become a Software Developer from the ground up. The videos offer excellent animated visuals, coding screencasts, and general powerpoint-style techniques. The animated visuals are really helpful in clearly understanding the topics.


Learning to code, or expanding knowledge-base about coding is essential when it comes to market-competitiveness and evolving technologies. From learning a new programming language to preparing for coding interviews, these youtube channels will definitely help you set on the right track with the high-quality videos. So, if you're a JavaScript fanatic and eager to learn more about the language and related technologies, TWT suggest you to subscribe the above channels and start learning now.

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