What is the Difference Between Infographics and Motion Graphics?

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What is the Difference Between Infographics and Motion Graphics?

Infographics and motion graphics are popular means by which people communicate. Everyone knows that there are a thousand ways to convey your messages. But the question is, does the way you explain something to catch the attention of millions of viewers? Infographics and motions graphics are two different ways to communicate with many people through animation and images. Their meaning and differences are mentioned below.


So what are infographic? They are a significant source of visual communication. If you want to explain some information that is difficult to digest, you may use the brilliant method of infographics. You can easily make infographics and convey something difficult to explain in words alone.

This can be done through amination to viewers who might not be into reading paragraphs. As you may already know, learning is subjective. A lot of people rely on visual studies more than written ones. Therefore, they prefer images to words, and thus, infographics are excellent for such people.

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Motion Graphics

Motion graphic are one of the best ways to communicate with most viewers. You can explain a powerful message through an imagery program. That can be accompanied by a voiceover or, even better, music that brings people together. However, you should do one thing about it before you go ahead using it.

That is: this program is costly since you will need an animator and voiceover person. You will also have to invest time to find such a person. Therefore, it is also time-consuming, but it is worth it at the end of the day. Why should you invest in it? Well, through motion graphics, you can display them on sites like Youtube that help you make money.

The Difference Between the Two

Infographics and motion graphics have some differences that you ought to know about. Infographics are a one to two pictured way to convey your message. At the same time, motion graphics import your message through videos. The viewer doesn’t have to actively choose what they’re watching for motion graphics, unlike infographics. The former might need the viewer to put in a little effort to read and understand, but it is not very pricey. While the latter is costly and time-consuming but they can be worth the effort.


Infographics and motion graphics both have their significance. To be objective, there isn’t much difference between the two because, in the end, they both are made use of to portray a message. It’s just that infographics are cheap and may require the viewer to read and understand.

While motion graphics take a lot of time, are costly, and are a compelling way to catch one’s attention. Both are great methods but have differences in pricing as well as value. One thing they have in common is that they are each good at communication. You can use either of the ways to explain an important message easily. As both have a shared purpose ultimately, use one that suits you the most.

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