Ultimate guide To Outsourcing Software Development

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Ultimate guide To Outsourcing Software Development

The term software development is deemed by many as being among the most dynamic industries worldwide. More importantly, outsourcing of software development has become a major phenomenon that has become too lucrative to resist. Software applications have taken off in a big way across the globe right from transforming the business models to streamlining significant processes, and improving the way value is delivered to the customers.

Are you ready to create your very own software application? It’s time to pick from the two rights- an in-house team or outsourcing a software development company. Not an easy choice! Choosing an in-house means, this should come as no surprise to any executive familiar with the costs associated with developing in-house systems. Not to mention that significant time can be saved by bringing on innovative cloud providers for the recruiting process. Whereas outsourcing means you will be collaborating between two companies from different countries. Thus, hiring one frees up time for the core operational processes.


However, outsourcing one could be the best bet; I will tell you why!

Before taking any decision or delegating your projects, it is very important to understand what roles can be outsourced and what not! Consider the type of project, define roles and responsibilities in prior. The term outsourcing can be bifurcated into several categories from being as minimal as adding one programmer to an entire development team consisting of developers, test engineers, project managers, etc. I personally suggest not to outsource product managers, professionals in leadership positions as they might involve business strategy due to conflicts of interest.

  • Time to market

I hope till now you must have allocated resources to your project and defined the time when your software will be built and introduced in the market. The time between the start and launch of the project is what we call Time to market (TTM). Expediting your software product entry in prior is a wise decision to take.

  • Appropriate know-how

Having a pool of talents in house might end up being a costly venture. Sooner or later you will enter a new market where you require researching a new niche, knowing a new technology. Involving off-site specialists turns out to be a good solution as there is no need to spend time and money on educating people that you wish to run your project.

  • Expertise

Apart from knowledge, expertise must be taken into account. Core capabilities differentiate your company from your competitors. To be precise, it's time to focus on expertise and differentiation to gain success. For instance, if you are a manufacturing company, you can outsource software development to professionals. They will surely allocate your valuable assets to the projects and tasks that generate the highest income.

Further below I would like to mention a few vital reasons for outsourcing a software development company/ off-site employees for your upcoming project.

  • Scalability

In a general scenario, if you outsource a company it means it can scale how many software developers are allocated to a project up or down. Being fast and flexible is what it’s all about. As a business, you can outsource that portion of work which is expensive to manage internally.

  • Lower costs

It may quite interest you to know that while cooperating with an outsourcing company you can actually see what you pay for. This can reduce total operating costs, especially in cases when there is a high demand for additional costs allocated for retirement, healthcare, and other benefits, recruiting/HR, management, etc.

  • Efficiency and adaptability

Outsourcing a software development company that comprises of an efficient development team with several years of experience is simply worth the investment. I mean being a professional, one already knows how to work together smoothly and communicate clearly with each other.
If we think from scratch, it will take years to create the interpersonal connections that make such a team so strong.

  • Longevity

Software application development is more than a passing fad. Several individuals receive a job offer for a higher salary from a competing company; it can be tempting for them to leave. An outsourcing company is encouraged to build and maintain long-term relationships with its clients. In addition to this, they can handle both projects rather than dropping one for the other.

Let’s Kick-start!

I am pretty sure you must have heard several horror stories about offshore software development. It has a terrible reputation thanks to fraud and fake companies that take the money without delivering what they promised. But you know what there are reliable outsource software development companies like CShark who undergo technological transformations to differentiate themselves quickly become industry pioneers.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor