Saturday , 18 June 2022




How to Start a Business to Sell on Amazon

Amazon is a well-liked marketplace for both vendors and buyers. It has launched its FBA service to meet the growing demands of sellers. This solution enables sellers to take advantage of the platform's distribution network, which is quite extensive, and consumer base to realize their business goals. It is the most popular platform among retailers.

Microjobs: A Perspective on The Future of Work

Microjobs were not popular some decades ago but soon after the technology improved, they gained a great evolution. It isn't wrong if we consider the internet as the base of its rapid evolution as now, people living far from each other can offer or attain Microjobs.

11 Tips to Increase Followers on Instagram Account

Instagram is one of the popular social networking sites that keeps you connected with your friends and followers. Using the image posting website is easy to use; however, learning a few tips can help you increase engagements and grow your followers. 

Data fetching in NextJS

NextJs is no doubt becoming the de-facto framework for using web applications in ReactJS where SEO matters. In this article I will explain data fetching in NextJs and explain the scenarios and use cases of each method of fetching the data.

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