iPhone 14 Pro: Price, Design, & Launch Date

For some individuals, Apple iPhones are just gadgets with good cameras; however, an iPhone user begs to differ. And with the new model in question, iOS users are ready to get their hands on it as soon as it hits the market. 

Here is How to Change Your iPhone’s App Icons

Customization has never been Apple's forte, yet with their latest iOS 14 update, they have finally made it possible for users to change the size and color of iPhone's app icons allowing you to make your home screen as aesthetic (and pretty!) as you want.

How to Connect an iPhone to an Alexa with these Easy Steps

Amazon Echo devices are smart speakers, AI-powered by Alexa service you can control it by saying, Alexa. It’s a cloud-based device connected with Wi-Fi. By connecting with an iPhone, you can interact with Alexa and play music collections from Amazon Music, Apple Music, or Spotify.

iPhone or Android – Which can drive more leads to your Business

Almost all companies focus on business opportunities flowing through small devices and try to increase the ROI as far as possible. Modern smartphones and tablets have different software. Most of them are Android, iPhone (iOS platform), Windows OS. The latter is not so popular among people. They prefer either Android and iOS. Entrepreneurs always have a question- which one is better between these two when it comes to lead generation? Let’s find out.

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