Here are 6 SEO Trends to Boost Your Rankings Instantly

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Here are 6 SEO Trends to Boost Your Rankings Instantly

This could be because of a few SEO mistakes you might be making or are unfamiliar with the new and latest SEO trends. It is a known fact that to increase your traffic and reach. It is crucial to stay updated with all the latest SEO tips, tricks, trends, and updates completely.

These Search Engine Optimization (SEO) trends can help you become an SEO expert and further help you gain more audience and rankings on your site. A site with a good audience not only means increased rankings and visibility, but it simultaneously helps in better conversion rates, increased sales, and good revenue.

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6 SEO Trends to Boost Your Rankings

Focus on User Intent first site

Searcher's intent and behaviors are changing time after time, and it is always necessary to understand and focus on their search intent. This isn't a new trend, but it is always a focal point to consider, refocus, and optimize your content according to their requirements.

Hence, it is essential to run SERP (Search Engine Result Page) analysis as google is already showing up pages based on what fulfills the users' requirements and search of the users. As Google becomes more and more sophisticated with its updates, it is necessary to understand them and create competitive content.

Work on increasing social signals

Social signals can play a vital role in increasing a brand's visibility and ranking, making it significant to them. This era is all about social media. It is one of the biggest mediums with multiple platforms to increase your brand's sales and reach. When you diversify your content on different social media platforms, you are more likely to gain more clicks and links. Social signals might not show immediate results or might not work at all for some. However, it is essential to keep a social media presence in today's day and age. It is because you need to create brand awareness and attract potential clients towards your brand.

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Optimize the search for different devices:


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A brand's target audience is no longer in one place; some people make searches from their PCs, laptops, and computers, while most opt for mobile phones, tablets, and smartwatches. And one of the most used amongst them is mobile phones. Most searches nowadays take place on the phone, which means optimizing your smartphone site is a basic necessity. However, Artificial Intelligence is changing rapidly. One needs to maximize their site according to laptop, tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches to get better reach and satisfy the users.

Brand SERP Optimization or voice search

A good percentage of people rely on voice searches using their mobile phones. More than 50% of smartphone users have at least once engaged with the voice search technology in 2020, according to ComScore Reports. These voice searches are inclined towards a particular detail and are very specific. This means users are looking for a short and precise answer to their query. Many sites and brands are working on voice search optimization. It is a new trend that is likely to stay on the high charts in 2021. Hence, it is essential to work in Voice Search Optimization to increase rankings.

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Adapt Rapid Changes and Execute

It indeed takes years to understand the Search Engine Algorithms properly; however, it is vital to adapt to changes and execute them. Once you see a new update try and learn to manage them on your site. Similarly, new content that seems to be in trend or catch the audience's eye makes sure to create competitive content based on those trends.

Fulfill Google EAT Principle

Google EAT refers to Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. These three factors help google determine which content is more reliable and fulfills the needs of the user. It allows them to assess quality content. This means you need to keep the entire focus on fulfilling the Google EAT. Moreover, once you've created competitive, authentic, and quality content, it is always better to link them with authoritative sites like ".edu" and ".gov," etc.

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