5 Ways to Protect Your Site from SEO Spam Attacks

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5 Ways to Protect Your Site from SEO Spam Attacks

SEO spam attacks are cyber attacking that have the potential to destroy your search ranking. Most businesses nowadays are online and depend on their website for success. It is almost essential for any business to have a website.

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With the increase in the number of websites, people have been spending their hard-earned money on getting SEO services to improve their search ranking, keywords selection, and backlinks. However, an increase in SEO service also elevates the chance of SEO spam attacks.

In this article, we will show you five ways to protect your site from attacks.

Update Your Plugins and Software To Stop SEO Spam Attacks

Unnecessary plugins and outdated software contribute majorly to making your site vulnerable to cyberattacks, especially SEO spam attacks. Hence, to protect your site, ensure that your content management system's software is recent, your security patches are complete, and all software is updated.

Furthermore, make sure to remove any needless extensions from your website because the more complex and more third-party extensions on your site, the more chances there are of SEP spam attacks.

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Make Use of CAPTCHA

Most of you have probably never heard of this term, yet I'm sure you are already familiar with it. CAPTCHA consists of various images that you need to select to prove that you are not a bot. It distinguishes human users from bots. Using CAPTCHA for your website logins, account forms, and other checkouts, you can protect your site from letting in bots that will initiate SEP spam attacks.
Install WAF:

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WAF or Web Application Firewall is a security program that blocks bots from posting spammy comments on your website. When you install WAP, make sure you choose an option with a built-in CAPTCHA for an added layer of security. The web application firewall is a perfect security net that can protect your website against SEO spam attacks and any threat before they come in contact with your website.

Sanitization of Input Fields

One of the best ways to prevent SEO spam attacks is to sanitize your input fields so that cybercriminals can't insert modified queries since these modified queries can lead to even more significant issues like a data breach. You can sanitize your input field by predetermining what a user can insert in the box, for instance, in phone numbers where they can only type numbers and hyphens.

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Keep Track of Backlink Profiles


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This could perhaps be the most important step you can take to protect your site against SEO spam attacks. Redirect, and low-quality links to your site is one of the ways cybercriminals can attack your site. Hence why it is in your best interests to use SEO monitoring tools. So that you can keep track of backlinks and keywords. This is how you can keep track of someone who is creating malicious redirects to your website.

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