Free online SEO Courses

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Free online SEO Courses

As reported in Forbes, the first page of search results receives around 90% of search traffic clicks. And of those search traffic clicks, nearly 70% are reserved exclusively for the top 5 search results. This means that if you want to grow your business or your brand, it is imperative that you rank high (very high) in search engine results for keywords that pertain to your activity.

The algorithms the search engines use to determine which results should rank at the top and which should not are quite complex and are frequently changing. This is the reason why a large industry has sprung up with various tools, software packages, and platforms that are designed to help businesses and brands rank high in search engine results.

The SEO industry is so indispensable to businesses of all sizes across all sectors of activity that SEO and the related field of digital marketing are considered some of the most resilient and profitable tech jobs in today’s market.

Learning the whats, whys, and hows of search engine optimization is crucial for anyone involved in digital marketing, content creation, any entrepreneur, or start-up. Fortunately, you don’t need to dive into this world - with its rules and best practices - blind. There are a number of online courses. 

And though there are many online courses and programs you could choose to pay for, spending money isn’t a prerequisite for learning SEO tips, tools, and best practices. There are many high-quality online SEO courses completely free.

The Software Developers

Companies that develop and sell SEO software or run SEO platforms are a great place to learn about the trade. They often offer many free resources such as training courses, tutorials, and blogs that discuss relevant subjects concerning the industry.

Software developers, SEO platforms, and entrepreneurs looking to boost small business with digital marketing offer free resources because they want more users proficient in SEO best practices. The more users interested and skilled in the industry, the greater their pool of target consumers. This is true for the field of SEO as well as pretty much any tech or business field that uses software or online platforms.


Pretty much any professional - freelancer or agency - working in SEO uses Ahrefs, if not on a daily basis at least semi-regularly. Ahrefs allows users to analyze pages and content of top-performing sites. From this analysis, the SEO content creator or marketing agent can have a more specific idea of how to craft their content and how to define their SEO strategy. 

What factors contribute to getting a given page to rank high in search engine results? Ahrefs is designed to tell you just that - and in a specific, quantifiable fashion. 

At Ahrefs Academy you will find a wide range of free online SEO courses. not only on how to use their software but on SEO tips and advice in general. Even if you don’t plan to use their software, the courses are valuable in that they will show you what information is relevant to SEO and how to go about getting that information and how to analyze it. 


Like Ahrefs, Surfer is an indispensable tool for anyone working in the field of SEO.

By conducting a quick but thorough analysis of pages that rank high in search engine results for a given word search, the online platform gives SEO content creators specific targets for the keywords they are aiming for. These targets include word count, specific auxiliary words, the number of headings and images, and a host of others. It then analyzes the content you create and gives it a score. 

The courses, tutorials, and webinars offered at Surfer Academy are free for paid subscribers of the online platform. But Surfer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee trial period.

The training provided by Surfer Academy will give you a clear idea of how to craft your online content to make it attractive to search engines and thus rank high in search engine results.


HubSpot is the leader in digital marketing and customer relationship management software. As the authority in the field, they are a good place to get resources such as tips, articles about industry trends, and of course free online courses.

Not only does HubSpot Academy offer free SEO courses, but unlike most other sites that offer training, certification is free, too.

Platforms Dedicated to Training

Online training platforms have undergone a tremendous boom in popularity in the last few years. This means higher quality, more options, and more free options!


This platform for online courses is perhaps most associated with creative pursuits such as photography or design. But they do offer many business courses, too, including SEO and digital marketing. You can sign up for a one-month free trial. Otherwise, a monthly subscription to the platform and all its courses runs at $32 a month when you pay month to month, or $14 a month when you pay for a full year.


Offering over 200,000 online courses on topics ranging from finance or design to IT and seemingly everything, Udemy is the go-to site for online training. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned expert, you have dozens of free SEO courses to choose from at Udemy with more being created regularly.

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The Bottom Line

Search engine optimization is a fast-changing field. It is a service that is indispensable to any business or brand wishing to have an online presence. To develop the understanding and skills required in this field, you have many options for free online courses. A good place to start is with the online platforms, app, and software developers catering to this field. 

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