Por qué los Instagram Reels son importantes para las empresas

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Por qué los Instagram Reels son importantes para las empresas

The introduction of Instagram reels is an amazing and helpful feature Meta group has come up with, which is giving other video-making apps a run for their money. Here is why Instagram reels are important and beneficial for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Builds Customer Trust: People are key believers of the “face behind the brand” theory. This is why, businesses need to be strategic about choosing the right way to advertise their brand or product. An Instagram reel is a great and authentic way to advertise a service, brand or product, with a face/person, people are going to trust. This is a great marketing tactic and it gives great results and attracts the right audience the brand is looking for. Making an Instagram reel also gives the product/brand legitimacy.

Keeps Things Short and Sweet: An Instagram reel is about 30 seconds to a minute long, max. People don’t want to sit there and listen to a random person rave about a product for hours on end. They want reviews fast and in a fun way. So, Instagram reels are a perfect way of showcasing a product or business in a limited time frame. It keeps the audience interested and it’s enough time to list down the specifications or quality of the product.

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Entertainment and Advertising in One: The key features of an Instagram reel is to entertain and showcase in the least amount of time possible. This means fast and effective marketing. Since Instagram allows users to add music, transitions and other effects in their reels, this makes the whole process of marketing fun and exciting. So, businesses can technically kill two birds with one stone with a reel, by keeping the audience interested in the entertainment of the reel, while getting advertising done at the same time.

Broadening Horizons in Content Making: Blogs, tweets and posts are fun and all, but if you look at the numbers, Instagram reels have a higher chance of being viewed than blog posts, tweets and other written form of content, about the same product. Most people prefer visual representation of a product/business and an Instagram reel is the perfect way to market a product /business in a fun, relaxed and professional way.

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Avoids Monotony: Presentations are boring for a reason. People want something unique and different, and that’s what Instagram reels deliver. There is a lot of character in a reel, even if it is a business promotion. There is something fun about seeing a brand/product promotion being made virtually in a fun and exciting way. People are more likely to view and gain something from an Instagram reel, as compared to a boring hour-long presentation/business meeting. Especially with how tech savvy the present generation is, Instagram reel is paving its way to become an entertaining yet useful business promoting tool in the future.

Instagram reels are a realistic and fun way of marketing products and brands, while making them engaging and interactive at the same time.

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