Here are 10 Ways to Boost Your Instagram Reach Today

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Here are 10 Ways to Boost Your Instagram Reach Today

Instagram has started to limit the number of posts users see on their feed, which has left many influencers and businesses complaining about the new algorithms. However, that certainly doesn't have to be the same in your case.

With the help of just a few tips, you can easily make it to the top of your follower's feed. Here's what you need to do:

1. Create questionnaires and other contests for engagement:

Taking advantage of Instagram stickers is the best way to gain some engagement and followers for your business. Choose your questions, and then the choose the correct answer. Voting stickers can be a real conversation starter. Moreover, as a result, it can help you gain interaction on your posts while increasing followers. 

2. Go live on Instagram:

Instagram live is another way of creating a good relationship with your followers. The way it works is that when an account goes live, that account becomes more visible on the follower's Instagram feed. The profile picture gets highlighted, and when no other account is live, it appears first in the line of stories on the homepage. This way, people are more likely to click and join your live and later become potential follower.

3. Be open about your brand or business:

Authenticity sells itself and is one of the most important factors to consider while starting or promoting a brand. In 2021, it is prominently visible that brands that share their struggles, stories, and BTS are more likely to gain more engagement, as it helps the audience relate to you and your business.

4. Make use of Instagram Ads:

Instagram Ads can be a real deal maker and can change the existence of your account. They help your brand reach potential clients and followers that might be interested in your brand. These Ads can widely increase your organic reach and give your brand a little boost. 

5. Track down the best time to post:

Whether you post often or twice each week, knowing the right time to post is the key to gaining the most likes, shares, and reach. Most people lose a ton of engagement by posting at the wrong time. Hence, it is necessary to know when your followers are the most active and post at the time. 

6. Relate with the audience:

Creating a relationship of honesty and trust can help your business big time. Either you share your own stories, some reviews, or any other thing from your day, anything that is relatable to the audience is more likely to help you gain engagement. Moreover, following trends that people are invested and interested in can also help a brand get more reach. 

7. Create shareable content:

While promoting a brand, we often forget the importance of what might please the audience. We sometimes focus more on what would look good on the feed than connect with the users. Content that is shareable like skits, memes, how-to's, knowledgeable material, or just a funny and trendy post is more likely to be shared, which can help you gain more followers. 

8. Use appropriate hashtags:

There is no hidden truth behind the fact that hashtags make a massive difference in how far and wide your content spreads. Using the correct hashtags under your post can help it reach more people than you can imagine. Hence, it is crucial to make maximum use of appropriate hashtags under your posts. However, remember not to go overboard with them. 

9. Work on creating video content:

With the introduction of Instagram reels and remixes, video content has shown to be way more progressive than any other content. Video content strategy can guarantee some extra engagement and followers on your account, as they are short, cute, and fun. 

10. Experiment with different content:

There is no singular way of promoting your brand on Instagram, which means not everything works for everyone. Each brand has different followers, agendas, and ideas to sell, which means they require different strategies. Hence, it is always better to try new things and find out what works best for you and your business. 

Laiba Omer

Laiba Omer

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