This is How the Instagram Algorithm Works in 2021

Algorithms often change; therefore sticking by one marketing tactic is not a wise choice. The algorithm plays an important role in displaying your content to the viewers. Ever since the Instagram algorithm has removed its chronological feed, it has become a little chaotic and confusing for people to adapt to.

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Further in this blog, we will discuss how the Instagram algorithm has evolved in 2021 and how it works for posts, stories, explore pages, IGTVs and reels now. 

Adjusting to the always-changing Instagram algorithm can be strenuous since it can take a while to understand. However, once you get the hang of it, you can quickly taper your strategy with your content.

Instagram Algorithm for Feed Posts

Instagram feeds constructed based on six key factors


Along with your following, the content on your Instagram feed depends upon your interests. This can include all the posts you have interacted with or liked in the past. Your feed will be a display of all your behaviour and actions on Instagram. 


Once you follow someone, the Instagram algorithm will show you their content and record how you interact and how much interest you take in the posted content. This can also be tallied based on the relationship you hold with your followers and the content you share. 


Another thing that the Instagram algorithm observes is the timeline of the content posted since it wants to provide you with the most relevant and recent content. Once you understand and get the perfect time for your postings, you can engage and attract more traffic and reach.        


The frequent or non-frequent use of Instagram also helps in designing your Instagram feed. If you visit Instagram often, then your feed will display the most recent and exciting posts. However, if you are viewing it once a day, then your feed will be chronologically designed.


The people you follow also impact your feed. The latest Instagram algorithm won’t show you posts of your inactive followers. However, if you have many active followers, then still there are chances that your feed won’t display everything from everyone.


If you are an excessive Instagram user, then there are chances that your feed won’t have anything new to communicate with after a few visits. This is when Instagram will show your relevant and recent posts from different accounts you might be interested in. 

Instagram Algorithm for Stories

The 2021 Instagram Algorithm shows the users’ stories or accounts that you have interacted with the most over time. The interaction can be based on anything from your likes, comments, to your messages and shares. If you have watched all your stories, then Instagram will still display the account and stories of users you are engaged with the most.

Moreover, Instagram focuses on providing you with the latest content from your interests. Posting stories often can get you good reach and better ranking on the scale while sharing your routine.  

Instagram Algorithm for Explore Page

The Instagram feed post and explore page is almost the same since they are responsible for showing you content you would be interested in or have shown interest in the past.

The only difference is that the feed posts are from your follower. Whereas the posts on the explore page are all from new and different accounts. Each time you refresh the page, you will be displayed with relevant but new categories and posts. It all depends upon the captions, niche, and hashtags used.

Instagram Algorithm for IGTV and Reels

As mentioned before, the Instagram algorithm also bases its IGTVs and Reels around your interests. With the latest algorithm, you can now see relevant IGTVs and Reels in your explore feed. This is based on your interests and automated machine model. The best way to get your IGTVs seen is to set a 1 min IGTV preview to your feed to increase the rating.