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Here is How to Change Your iPhone’s App Icons

Customization has never been Apple's forte, yet with their latest iOS 14 update, they have finally made it possible for users to change the size and color of iPhone's app icons allowing you to make your home screen as aesthetic (and pretty!) as you want.

Marketing Cloud for Business: How to Succeed from it?

Businesses today need a lot of innovation and creativity to remain competitive. Technology has become a big part of business, and entrepreneurs are investing more into it. The Marketing Cloud is one technology that has gained pace and is now used widely by companies in different industries.

How to run android apps on windows 11 complete guide

Windows 11 will run all the Android apps, and I don’t think it is a cool idea. With the help of the Amazon store, you can access all the android apps on Windows 11. You can easily see the integration on the taskbar or in the Start Menu. The app will run sideways, and you can type on Microsoft Word at the same type.

How to Fix All The Possible IP Address Errors | Top 6 Methods” for review.

I hope all of you are doing great in the current situation. In the next few minutes, I will walk you through the top 6 methods to deal with All possible IP address errors. In today's busy world, we all need a high-speed internet connection and a device to fulfill our needs, be it personal or official, and we require everything at our disposal in a short span. In the present scenario, when we have adopted the fastest evolving thing on earth - we are a companion to artificial intelligence and machines. Each one of us has faced the issue of annoying pop-up messages, system downfall, and malfunction. Patience check is the worst enemy to mental peace.

5 Cheap Laptops for Developers You Should Know About

The laptop you own must work in sync with all the programming languages, compilers, interpreters, servers, browsers, and many other specifications, exceptionally. There are a lot of things that one must thoroughly check before investing in a laptop, at a professional level, especially.

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