Laravel PHP Services: Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose It

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Laravel PHP Services: Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose It


Web frameworks are software tools used to develop and update web applications. Some of the most common frameworks are based on the PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor language because it enables the developers to automate several time-consuming tasks like session management, URL mapping, authentication, caching, etc. 

Nowadays, developers can choose from several PHP developers, including Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symphony, CakePHP, etc. But it often gets a little challenging to choose the best one. 

In this blog, you’ll learn and understand about Laravel, its key features, the most significant reasons to choose this framework, and the biggest companies using it. 

What Is Laravel?

Launched in 2011, Laravel is an open-source, back-end PHP framework used to develop web applications. Following an elegant syntax, Laravel adheres to the PSR-4 protocols and guidelines to streamline the web application development process. It is based on the MVC (model-view-controller) architecture and is aimed at easing the web development tasks like routing, caching, authentication, and sessions without compromising on the project quality. That’s why more than 20 million websites consider Laravel as their preferred web framework.

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Top Features Of Laravel

The PHP frameworks market is quite crowded, which makes choosing the best one a little challenging. But the new features of Laravel might be able to make up your mind:

  • MVC Architecture: Model-view-controller architecture separates the important business logic from the presentation layers. Thanks to the MVC patterns, Laravel has some excellent built-in features, high levels of security, and enhanced application performance.
  • Innovative Template Engine: One of the best features of Laravel is its collection of lightweight templates used to create fantastic website layouts with dynamic content seeding. 
  • Object Relational Mapping and Implementation: Object-relational mapping (ORM) in Laravel comprises simple PHP active record execution. Rather than writing SQL code, ORM in Laravel enables the developers to write database queries through PHP syntax.
  • Enable Libraries and Modular Functionalities: Unlike so many other PHP frameworks, Laravel provides developers with modular, object-oriented libraries. For example, the Authentication library is simple and has some excellent functions like password reset, CSRF (cross-site request forgery) protection, checking active users, Bcrypt hashing, and encryption.
  • Database Migration System through PHP Code: The migration system in Laravel helps expand the database structure whenever there is an alteration in the code. It reduces the risk of data loss. 
  • Authorization Coding Technique: Authentication and authorization are among the most significant features of Laravel. It evaluates how long it will take a developer to develop a new application. The logical technique in the framework controls access to the resources and helps reform the authorization logic. This framework even has an application reasoning feature, which enables the developers to work flexibly on a software of any size. 
  • Strong Application Security: Laravel has some of the best security functions, including effectively-utilized salted and hashed password mechanisms, which means the passwords will be saved in an encrypted format rather than plain text. One of the reasons Laravel is favored by developers is that it offers competitive unit testing. It means you can easily check via multiple unit tests whether or not the alterations made by the developers without a warning break the application. 

There are several other features in Laravel that make it one of the best web frameworks on the internet. But if you are still not convinced whether Laravel is the suitable web framework, let’s check out the top reasons to opt for a Laravel development company.

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Top 10 Reasons To Choose Laravel 

Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks, and you should choose it for your web application development for the following reasons:

1. Enhanced Performance

Thanks to the MVC architecture pattern, Laravel ensures excellent performance for web applications. Rather than hitting the database, Laravel simply returns a query’s cache version to ensure a performance boost to high-traffic APIs and websites. Moreover, loading off the database eases the performance even further. 

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2. Seamless Project Management

One of the most basic framework comparisons is seamless project management. It offers in-built effortless project management, which helps the developers handle the projects more easily. 

3. Full-proof Security

Full-proof security is among the biggest reasons to choose Laravel as your preferred PHP framework. Though no framework can provide all the necessary security functions for a website, Laravel comes pretty close. The Laravel framework package includes the CSRF (cross-site request forgeries) tokens and other high-level security features to protect your web application from any potential hacks and online attacks.

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4. Ease Of Use

Not only is the syntax of Laravel expressive and intuitive, but it is also easy to use. So anyone with basic coding knowledge and experience can easily create a web application through Laravel. 

5. Impressive Templates

One of the best features of Laravel is the Blade templating engine. Its dynamic content seeding helps the developers create impressive layouts or templates for the application. The Blade templating engine contains some excellent in-built layouts with minimalistic design and distinct sections, which help ensure fantastic UI/UX for the web application

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6. Effective Database Management

The database management offered by Laravel helps streamline developmental processes like database migration and data updates. An effective migration process means you don’t have to worry about recreating the database for every change in the project, reducing the risk of data loss. 

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7. Better Authorization

If you are looking for the perfect framework to authorize the logic and control access to the resources, Laravel would be your suitable choice. It simplifies the implementation process of the authorization techniques. 

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8. Open-source Nature

The open-source nature of Laravel makes it extremely easy to use and free of cost. That means you can easily design and create complex web applications while ensuring code maintainability. 

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9. Supportive Libraries

Laravel has an extensive collection of pre-installed object-oriented libraries, making it easier for you to develop highly responsive, modular, and intuitive web applications. 

10. Effective Error Handling

The Monolog logging library method minimizes the fallacies (or invalid logics or arguments) on the websites. Moreover, the large Laravel community can help you resolve any issue, from installation to web application development and usage. 

These ten reasons might be enough to show how good Laravel is for web application development. But if you are looking for an enterprise web application, we’d understand if you still have doubts or concerns. So let’s look at the reasons to consider Laravel for enterprise web applications.

Why Choose Laravel For Enterprise Web Application?

Here are a few reasons to choose Laravel for enterprise web applications:

1. Route Caching

Route caching is an excellent way to improve your web application’s page loading speed. Any changes you make after route caching will not reflect on the application before it is deployed, thus improving the speed of the application. 

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2. Faster Development

Nowadays, everyone wants to develop and launch their web applications as soon as possible to ensure they get ahead of the competition. That’s why Laravel is an excellent choice in framework comparison for enterprise web applications. 

3. Better Traffic Management

Rather than compromising the speed and performance of the application, Laravel can help maintain the message queue system even during high-traffic situations. It helps keep the servers healthy and manage the traffic efficiently. 

4. Presence of Artisan

Artisan or the command line interface offers useful commands to develop the best features of any mobile application. This tool helps automate the repetitive tasks of the web application development process. 

5. Modular Approach

Laravel offers 20 built-in libraries to make the development experience more engaging for the developers. This modular approach ensures excellent UI/UX along with unmatchable features and functionalities. 

6. Hybrid Application Adoption 

Over 90% of users access the internet through their mobile devices. So it’s very important to ensure your website is hybrid for multiple types of devices. In that case, you may want to hire Laravel developers to create your enterprise web applications. 

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If you are looking to create the best enterprise web applications, get in touch with the best Laravel development companies near you. Not only can hiring Laravel developers to help you build the best web application for enterprising purposes, but they can also help improve the features and functionalities of your current application. 

Top Companies That Choose Laravel

If you are still not convinced about whether you should use laravel for web applications, check out these famous companies using this framework for their web applications:

  • Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • About You
  • TourRadar
  • Unified Infotech
  • 9GAG
  • Magneto IT Solutions
  • BBC
  • Crowdcube
  • Pfizer

Looking at these companies, it’s easy to say that Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks to create, update and maintain your web applications.

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Laravel is used by hundreds of thousands of websites and web applications on the internet. The MVC architecture pattern, Artisan, Blade Template Engine, etc., are just a few reasons why you should also choose it for your web application. 

Now, it’s understandable if you don’t know how to create the best web application or lack the necessary programming skills or training, you can easily hire a Laravel developer for your project. They will handle everything from installing the platform to developing the application with it and will keep you in the loop throughout the process.

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