Best Sources to Learn Laravel Development

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Best Sources to Learn Laravel Development

Choosing the right PHP framework for developing web apps for business could be difficult with so many options around. Among the many frameworks of PHP, one stands out and has become the top framework today, and that is the Laravel. Furthermore, a Laravel developer enjoys great demand nowadays.

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The framework is open-source and has become a carved aptitude in PHP designers. Furthermore, it possesses good linguistic structure as well as accompanies an effective toolbox. It’s the favoured choice among software and web developers and a Laravel development company is among the fastest service providers in today’s market. Interested in getting remote Laravel developer jobs notification? Sign up for free to get notified of new laravel jobs every week.

Why Laravel?

The framework provides greater security than all the other frameworks of PHP, since passwords will not and never would be saved as simple text. With every login, a token is generated automatically, preventing unauthorized access. Laravel makes use of an efficient Bcrypt hashing algorithm for passwords generation.

It also has various object-oriented libraries, which could not be found in other frameworks. The authentication library is among the critical object-oriented libraries in Laravel. The libraries let developers build powerful and responsive web apps easily, thus it is a favorite of every Laravel developer at present.

With the framework, developers could create specific web application functionalities much faster and better. And, one of the very challenging functionality for website developers is creating authentication for web applications. It’s much easier for developers to create logic behind giving authorized users’ access. With a powerful community of developers as well as development companies that continuously and constantly provide support, it makes for scalable and flexible web app solutions.

Learn more about why you should choose Laravel?

Best Sources for Learning Laravel Development

Laravel website development services continue to gain more popularity today. Every year, cyber-attacks occur a lot of times. Thus, it’s imperative to have a framework that safeguards web apps. One of the most critical benefits of Laravel is its capabilities of providing high-class security. In itself, the framework is secured and does not allow security threats or malware activities to enter the web app. This means a secure and safe web app development code.

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For developers who have started creating in Laravel and want to find out more about the system, there are numerous resources available. Some of the best resources are the following:

1. Documentation

Laravel official documentation is the main place to visit when starting to learn about the framework. Many of the open-source systems don’t provide documentation to meet the needs of different designers. Documentation in the framework is clear, brief, engaging and very useful.

2. Laracasts

Laracasts, Created by Jeffrey Way, who is a mainstay in the Laravel group, this is a gathering of master screencasts. It’s more or less the same as Netflix for engineers. Way demonstrates the right approach in accomplishing something via determining both the advantages and disadvantages of various methods he has attempted and tried. It provides better methodologies for building web apps in the framework.

3. CodeBright

It’s a book by Dayle Rees, and succeeds Code Happy, one of the first-class assets to learning the Laravel framework. It covers major system components. Furthermore, the style of composition makes it a prized asset invaluable for novice as well as experienced software engineers.

4. Eduonix

It is a website to get the chance of learning the most recent rendition of the Laravel framework. Furthermore, it also provides the experience of each of the ideas that are covered by the system. The course is planned, thus, one could have an overview before making a preparation for the system. The course is composed of 7 hours video of instructional exercises and 39 addresses, as well as grants endorsement once the course is finished.

5. Laravel Basics

Hampton Paulk provides this course by Treehouse. There it showcases the fundamental strides for learners to start using the framework. It’s composed of eight areas. Furthermore, every segment has numerous lessons, Q&A quizzes for faster assessment on the recent learning. Each segment accompanies app downloadable files, intelligent recordings and educators’ notes as well. Most of the recordings are below ten minutes in length.

6. CodeCourse

CodeCourse is TWT's one of the favourite resource of Learning Laravel. They have plenty of courses on Laravel development along with so many other topics.


The huge rise to fame of the framework is due to its refined yet simple syntax, which makes development of web applications using PHP a fun-oriented job. Web developers truly rely on the platform because it could rapidly and easily solve recurring tasks across all web projects. Laravel is definitely one of the best frameworks of the PHP platform that’s renowned for robust web applications.

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The set of extensive features helps boost the customization of web apps as per the needs of the client. Whether choosing a Laravel development services provider or developers, a web app for any business will meet and even exceed all the expectations.

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