How to Convert PNG to SVG Vector File

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How to Convert PNG to SVG Vector File

No doubt that there is a wide array of image formats available around the internet, and people often confused which works perfect in certain cases. And, most probably users don’t have an idea how to convert an image from one format to other compatible one. For instance, what to do if one need to convert PNG to SVG vector format. Quit worrying, this context is revealing the most convenient ways that helps you to convert PNG images to SVG files while keeping the quality high.

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Well, let’s start with some basics!

What is PNG?

PNG short for Portable Network Graphics is the most common raster lossless image format around the web. The upside about this format is that it does not over the quality of the image while saving or sharing.

What is SVG?

SVG is an acronym for (Scalable Vector Graphics) is the vector format that not at all store pixels based on data. It just enables coordinating saved information in the image. The most appealing parameter is that SVG’s can be scaled up or down without losing its original quality. Just because of this quality preservation feature, people often export PNG as SVG vector format.

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Why Convert PNG File to SVG?

SVG vector files are ideal for representing logos, icons, and certain other graphics. They always look sharper as compared to PNG. Even SVGs play a huge role for loading your website faster as it is Google friendly format. There are certain other reasons why SVG is better than its counterparts. And, thanks to the source of theonlineconverter that enables you to convert PNG to SVG using high color and even black and white presets.


Aconvert is referred to as one of the best PNG to SVG converter source that lets you change PNG file to SVG for free. Besides that, you can convert any files to and from different other image formats with this natural assistance. Its fast and simple UI allow you to make image conversions within matter of seconds. To convert PNG to SVG with this online utility, you have to follow these steps:

  • Search for aconvert form your browser and fetch its PNG to SVG converter
  • Now, upload PNG file that you decided to export as SVG
  • Then, make a selection for the SVG as the output format, click on the Go button to start exporting PNG as SVG online


This online web-based application allows you to convert PNG to SVG vector format while keeping the quality high. Even there you could find different other online image converters that lets you make nearly all well-known conversions for free of cost. It allows you to create black and white and high color SVG vector files from the uploaded PNG images.

You can even fetch PDF, document, eBooks, audio, video, and more online converters to make swift conversion. Even you don’t have to worrying about the file’s security as all the processed files are automatically deleted from the server source. How to change PNG file to SVG with this online converter, let’s find out:

  • Open theonlineconverter from your default browser and get its PNG to SVG converter
  • Then, add PNG images into the toolbox and navigate with additional setting options (if required)
  • Now, click on the “Convert” button and wait for a while
  • Finally, hit the Download All button to save the newly converted SVG files


Convertio is another online freeware utility that loaded with experts’ choice converter to convert PNG to SVG vector format. It supports nearly all type of image conversions without compromising over the quality of the image. Just stick with these steps to turn PNG into SVG file right now:

  • Navigate to the web-page of convertio from from your browser
  • Then, you have to hit the Select Files button for adding the PNG image
  • Now, choose the SVG as the export format from the drop-down list.
  • Press Convert button to save PNG as SVG


Zamzar is another online web-dependent application that provided you with free converter to quickly convert PNG to SVG vector format. It is full-fledged conversion source that allow you to deal with video, audio, document, image and more files transformation. No installation and registration process involves to make conversion, just follow these steps to make conversion:

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  • Move to the official source of Zamzar
  • Then, add a PNG image from the URL, drag and drop, and choose PNG file from the local storage. Once uploading completed, choose SVG from the drop-down menu as the output format
  • Now, you need to add the email address to receive the newly transformed SVG file from this online converter. Now, click on the Convert button to save PNG as SVG with Zamzar


As the name clearly reveals that this freeware utility mainly helps you to convert PNG to SVG vector format for free. Even here you can make color palette (detection) according to your preference. Besides from saving PNG as SVG, it allows you to create SVG for certain concerns.

  • Navigate to pngtosvg source and navigate to the upload PNG files option from the main tool section
  • Then, add the PNG image file that you want to convert into SVG
  • Click on the Start Convert button to turn PNG into SVG vector format

Thankfully, you explored how to convert PNG to vector SVG format for free of cost while keeping the quality high. Choose the any above-mentioned way that fits your needs. Good Luck!

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