Foolproof Hacks To Create A Website With A Compelling UX

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Foolproof Hacks To Create A Website With A Compelling UX

A website is perhaps the most powerful selling tool for brands because most buyers prefer checking them online before going ahead with a transaction. Consider it a sales resource that works around the clock and churns leads, deals, and revenues for your business. But you need more than a good-looking website to showcase your products, facilitate sales, and ensure brand recognition. 

The online landscape is highly competitive, and an excellent user experience is the only way to hook the audience for the long haul. But business owners often go complacent with the UX as they take a set-and-forget approach to their websites. Fortunately, you can create a compelling UX for website without much work. Here are a few foolproof hacks that you can rely on to fulfill your UX goals.

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Conduct thorough user research

A compelling UX boils down to understanding the potential users and replicating their needs in your website’s design. So user research is mandatory, whether you want to design a site from scratch or redesign it down the line. Define your target audience, understand their technology awareness levels, and identify the devices they prefer to access websites. Likewise, check your competitors to create a design strategy for your website.

Focus on simplicity and intuitiveness

Whatever the demographics and expectations of your target audience, simplicity and intuitiveness are the winners when it comes to design. A simple and intuitive website is always better from a UX perspective because users are comfortable with search and navigation. You must go the extra mile to ease the conversion process because you expect the visitor to fill out a form or close a purchase.

Stay ahead of the basics

Speed, responsiveness, and security are the cornerstones of a great UX. You must stay ahead of them apart from taking care of the aesthetics. Look for a website design expert to cover all these fronts.  Beyond enhancing the user experience, these factors also win the SEO game for your website because search engines prioritize them in their ranking algorithms. Ensuring them means you have good chances of being highly visible and even better ones to retain users for the long haul.

Create engaging content

Pursuing excellence in design and covering the basics of speed, responsiveness, and security gives you a good start. But you cannot overlook the significance of engaging content when it comes to creating a compelling UX. Valuable, informative, and detailed content is as much a part of user experience as great visuals. It should also offer updated information to visitors, so keep refreshing from time to time. 

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Seek customer feedback

Another valuable tip to optimize your website’s UX is to seek customer feedback and implement improvements over time. Steer clear of a set-and-forget mindset because user expectations, competitor strategies, and design trends evolve. Not keeping pace with them can push you behind in the race. You can conduct surveys by adding a form to your website to seek visitor insights on improvements. Think beyond gathering input, and act on it by implementing changes.

A website with a compelling UX is a great asset for a brand as it has the potential to hook the audience and win their trust. Follow these actionable hacks to ace the user experience and improve it over the years.

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