¿Qué son los anuncios en carrusel?

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¿Qué son los anuncios en carrusel?

Carousel ads are seen everywhere; from Facebook, to even different websites. But what are they? How are they effective in supporting businesses? Here is everything you need to know about them:

What are Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are an orientation of advertisement, which allows you to combine several images together in a singular ad. This type of ad orientation looks more visually pleasing and it’s more engaging than normal banner ads or pop-up ads. Carousel ads are widely seen all over Facebook. As you scroll down your feed there might be a lot of ads which show up in a carousel arrangement. You can get a good idea about any brand or business with a few swipes and if your interest piques, then you can click on the ad and it will navigate you right to the website.

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How are Carousel Ads Effective? Carousel ads are more effective and better, if you want your business to be known and attract a good amount of legit customer traffic to your website or even online store.

More Engaging

Carousel ads are very interesting, because of the way they’re displayed. These ads are visually appealing and they condense the whole brand or product in a couple of pictures and swipes. Sometimes, there are videos in carousel ads too. This makes the viewer intrigued and there is a higher chance of this ad getting clicked, than a boring pop-up ad, which can be annoying at times.

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More Pay-per-clicks

If you are opting for advertising through carousel ads, then it’s a good idea, because these ads have a higher chance of being viewed by users. The more clicks a carousel ad gets, the better the marketing will be.

Attracts the Right Audience

Carousel ads are straight and no-fuss. They attract the target audience your brand needs, so there is no room for “what-ifs” and “maybes”. Because you’re using an integrated advertising approach to attract traffic, carousel ads will generally cost you less, than banner ads, which are not algorithm-specific.

When Should Carousel Ads be Used? Here are some situations where carousel ads are the perfect way of advertising and showcasing your brand, product or business:

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  1. Carousel ads are perfect for businesses, where you want to show multiple images or for showcasing different services of a product, like a clothing store, fitness apparel and specifications of tech gadgets.
  2. Restaurants use carousel ads to show their menu, condensed in 3 to 4 pictures. This gives the user an idea about what the restaurant has to offer and they can also place orders with a single click or go to their website directly through the link provided in the carousel ad.
  3. Carousel ads are great to use, if you want to state the benefits of a product, like a vitamin or supplement.

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Statistic studies have shown that people are likely to click on carousel ads, with a likelihood of almost 75%,as compared to other stationary ads, because they look more interesting and engaging.

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