Los teléfonos Samsung podrían carecer de botones en el futuro

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Los teléfonos Samsung podrían carecer de botones en el futuro

The world's largest producer of electronic devices, Samsung, may remove all physical buttons from their phones. The phones from the company currently come with a power key and a volume cracker.

Samsung S23: Safe For Now

While the latest news holds gravity, sources reveal there is still time for this to play out. The upcoming Galaxy S23 series by Samsung will come with buttons and basic features like all Samsung phones. So, there's nothing to worry about for people who do not enjoy the idea of no physical buttons on their phones. @OreXDA says, “it won't go live next year for the Galaxy S23 or the Galaxy Z Fold / Flip 5 lineups.”

The rumor mill on social media claims that the power and volume button will be fulfilled by the software alone in the future. However, it is still unclear how the phone would function without a single button to press.

No Official Announcements Made by Samsung

While the company has made no official announcements, if Samsung brings forward phones that work without any physical buttons, it would be the first to do so in the market with its Galaxy S25.

The Galaxy S25 release is two years from now, judging by its usual launch schedule. This means the world won't witness a Samsung phone without buttons soon. Experts say it seems a bit too early to predict the fate of the series a few years down the line.

Per some tweets on the micro-blogging site, it is unlikely that the KT Corporation, the second-largest wireless carrier in South Korea, will acquire the buttonless Galaxy S25 as exclusively theirs.

Galaxy S25: May or May Not Come with Physical Buttons

In simple words, while the KT-exclusive variant may have a different design and software to support the phone with no physical buttons, Samsung's Galaxy S25 global variant might still have physical buttons.

For many, the buttonless phones would ring a bell. This is not the first time a Samsung phone has been rumored to make an opening in the market without the buttons. Previously, Samsung's 'The Galaxy Note 10' was rumored to ditch physical keys a few years ago. Additionally, various Samsung patents have described buttonless designs that have existed for years.

Keeping this in mind, it may also be possible that the physical keys may never go away. However, this wild rumor may become a benchmark for Samsung. This is because it is known to come out with newer ideas than its competition, Apple.

Earlier, Samsung came out with the repair mode. It restricts experts to limited access to the owner’s files on the phone. For example, the technicians are restricted to accessing only the necessary information for repairing the phone.

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