InDesign: Aprende a convertirte en un diseñador profesional

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InDesign: Aprende a convertirte en un diseñador profesional

People practically use Adobe InDesign worldwide to bring their creative ideas to life. It is a very interesting software known and loved by graphic designers, digital marketers, and anyone who wants to put their creativity at the forefront. Here is everything you need to know about this software.

What is InDesign Used for? 

Flyers, banners, brochures, magazines, newspapers, and posters can easily be created by using the software. You can either choose to share them digitally or on paper. You can create these designs with ease with a few beginner's lessons.

Creative Cloud

If you use the InDesign Creative Cloud, you can easily link the software with other Adobe extensions and use them in unison. Additionally, you can use the creative cloud to store your ideas in a digital format. The software is also used to make comics and cartoons, and there are several tools you can use to give depth, layers, and textures to your doodles.

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InDesign is considered to be industrial software, and it is used by marketing professionals all over the globe. Along with tools, you can also use stock images, texts, and drawings to make unique digital designs. Although getting the hang of InDesign can be a learning experience, it gives you ease in dealing with multiple pages and layouts to ensure that everything is in one place, making things simple for digital designers. 

How Much Does it Cost?

This is subscription-based software. You have some options to choose from:

  • You can buy the software license for a year, which will cost you about $19.99/per month. You can also have the plan subscribed monthly for $29.99/month without a long-term commitment. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to access the creative cloud feature with this subscription choice. 

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To get the full benefits of using InDesign with CC, you can subscribe to the Creative Cloud plan, which gives you over 20 other Adobe extensions within InDesign. This will cost you about $79.99/per month (one-time subscription) and $49.99/per month (for a yearly subscription). 

InDesign is Popular Among Multinational Companies

Adobe InDesign is not used by individuals alone. The software is used daily by big corporations across the globe. Companies/corporations listed below use the infamous InDesign software to make content appealing, engaging, and attractive.

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  • The North Face Inc. 
  • NetSuite Inc.
  • Morningstar 
  • Salem Communications 
  • Parsons Corporation 
  • Burns & McDonnell 
  • JLL to name a few.

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Digital designers and marketers have provided testimonials online highlighting how people are impressed with their content and media because of the amazing features and tools. InDesign offers to give life to captivating ideas. 

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There you have it! InDesign is an amazing tool and addition to your digital arsenal. Adobe InDesign is a great way to broaden your ideas and put them in paper, print, and digital formats. 

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