Paid Marketing vs Organic Marketing: What's the Difference?

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Paid Marketing vs Organic Marketing: What's the Difference?

Want to know the difference between paid marketing and organic marketing? Well, you have yourself covered from basics to what’s better. Keep on reading to find out more: 

Paid & Organic Marketing – The Basics

Paid marketing is just how it sounds. It is the advertising of your brand or product through paying for traffic. The easiest and most effective way of paying for traffic is through advertisements, like Google ads, Facebook ads, and more. Traffic is the number of people on the internet reviewing or visiting your website, brand, or store. 

This traffic is great for making your business known among the sea of people. To attract this traffic, you need marketing strategies. On the other hand, organic marketing attracts traffic to your brand or content for free. This type of marketing is done through SEO optimization, blogs, tweets, social media posts, and customer reviews. 

Pros & Cons of Paid & Organic Marketing

Now that you know what paid and organic marketing are, the next important question is: Which is better? Well, here’s a run-down on the pros and cons of each type of marketing. 

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Let's Discuss the Pros First

Paid Marketing is more focused on the sales and algorithms which are popular at that moment. It means that if your product/brand is trendy and in demand, then there will be more generation of traffic through paid marketing. 

Organic Marketing is cheaper, and you don’t need to pay anything. It is great for small business owners who are just starting and don’t have a budget to afford Google and other social media ads. 

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Paid Marketing works on a pay-per-click mechanism. You can generate money from ads as well. Monetization is easy with paid marketing, so it’s good to incorporate it into your brand/business. 

Organic Marketing is easy to do. You must know how to create eye-catching and engaging content, whether promoted videos, reviews, or posts about your brand or product. 

Here are the Cons

Paid Marketing is expensive. Although it pours your brand to many people, it also requires a good following, and not every ad users see they will be clicked on. 

Organic Marketing has slow progress. It will lead to a small boom in your business over time. It takes the right skills and knowledge to attract an audience to your brand, which can take time and can be discouraging for many people. 

Paid Marketing feels forced, at times, by customers and viewers. They feel like a brand is imposing its appearance on them and forcing them to be interested. Many people skip ads on videos and paid reviews because the hype can be biased. 

So it’s hard to say which type of marketing is better because there isn’t a definite answer. Using both in unison can be beneficial since marketing is important, especially for beginners in business/entrepreneurship.  

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