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Top 10 Benefits of using WordPress for your Business

Blogging platforms come and go but the case is different when dealing with WordPress. Since the inception of WordPress in 2003, it has grown from ubiquitous and simple blogging website to a preeminent and preferred open source website development platform. There are so many benefits of using WordPress that you need to learn.

Pros & Cons of NodeJS Web App Development

To choose the backend technology is among one of the most vital choices that every Chief Executive Officer and CTO need to make. It identifies just how fast a product can be shipped to market, what is the total cost as well as how big pain maintenance will be.

A complete guide on planning a Career as Ruby on Rails Developer

Ruby on Rails (ROR) is a framework that is utilized for server-side web applications. It was written in Ruby and designed by David Heinemeier Hansson. It was launched in the year 2005. Ruby on rails depends on Model view controller architecture. It is primarily utilized for database, web page, and web administration. It likewise helped being used for JSON, XML, HTML, and Javascript too.

Top Web Frameworks for Developers in 2020

Web frameworks play a crucial role in building robust web applications. The primary advantage of frameworks is allowing developers to streamlining the development process rather than being involved in the coding process.

Tips To Ensure High Traffic On Your E-Commerce Website

Today most of the products and service-based companies and firms do business online. Just look at Amazon, Uber, Ola, Alibaba group, etc. They have one of the most visited e-commerce websites and applications at their disposal. In this competitive online market the amount of traffic an e-Commerce website receives decide the sales it’s going to make throughout the year.

Stateless Functional Components in React

A stateless component is just presentation of the state. It only can render props and it should only do that. A good example is a header component: let’s say we have a header which needs to be styled and displayed especially so we create a header stateless component which would look like this.

How to create Micro jobs website

Now we are living in the era of digitization, where we are dependent on technology to complete various tasks. Mostly, when it comes to choosing a career, starting any business, opening any virtual platform; internet technology and online services has become inevitable for all of us.

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