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What is Tableau?

It is crafted in such a way that different kinds of graphs, plots, and charts can be situated simultaneously for visualisation.

What is Power Business Intelligence?

t collects and analyses data, then transforms it into intelligible insights, often through the use of aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-understand charts and graphs

Mac or PC: Which One Works for Small Business Use?

When you're starting a new business or replacing the equipment in your office. Choosing the right machine for your setup is essential. That's because if you buy the wrong systems, your business could end up wasting hundreds of dollars on gadgets. This results in restricting your employees' efficiency and productivity. So, which will it be: Mac or PC?

Is Shopify Good for Beginners?

The chances are that if you've searched into e-commerce software, you've probably come across Shopify. This is an effective platform for so many e-commerce businesses because it is simple to use, moderately priced

What is Business Intelligence Workflow?

Business users can use Business intelligence tools to utilize various types of data, including current and historical data, third-party and in-house data, semi-structured data, and unstructured data such as social media platforms. Users can analyze this data to understand how the business is operating. 

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