4 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Doing Podcasts

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4 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Doing Podcasts

One of the new ways to reach a wide audience these days is through podcasts. Podcasts are an excellent way to introduce services or products to a new generation of consumers. According to podcast metrics, most podcast listeners are between the ages of 12 to 24 years old. Hence, it's an excellent way to market your company—especially if you’re targeting a young demographic. 

Here are the top reasons why you should consider using podcasts for your business.

1. Podcasts Creates A Better Relationship With Your Audience

One of the most critical aspects of running a successful company is building relationships with your clients. These relationships can be complicated in today's day and age, as email communication has come to sound impersonal and telephone conversations are bothersome. 

Blogs, newsletters, social media, websites, and all other platforms are all about communicating with customers. However, none of these approaches provide the vital aspect that podcasts offer—the human voice. 

The good thing about a podcast is that it has a relaxed and casual feel. By following a conversational tone, it can build a more authentic and personal connection with the audience. You could host a show that offers advice or conduct interviews with industry experts to give better insights. 

By allowing your audience to learn more and dig deeper into specific topics, you can help establish your brand as an industry expert. This fosters trust, which is the basic foundation of a good customer relationship.

2. They Are Easy To Set Up

It does not take much to establish a podcast program. With a decent microphone, recording software, and audio editing program, you can already start a podcast for your business. This is the perfect entry point for small and medium-sized businesses that are looking for a cost-efficient marketing strategy. 

Aside from that, there is no prerequisite to be included in iTunes or other popular streaming services that can host your podcast. If you have more budget to spare, you can also hire a professional broadcaster who can host your program or get help from an experienced podcast editor who can refine your audio for you. These may entail additional costs, but they will help your podcast sound more professional and high-quality.

3. Increases Brand Recognition

Through podcasts, you can reach out to a broader audience. People typically subscribe to a series and follow it every week. Your audience will most likely keep listening as long as the audio series continues, and assuming you keep providing interesting content. Additionally, your audience could refer people who might be interested in your podcasts, which would significantly increase your scope. 

As your podcast grows in popularity, you will soon be the expert on all things related to your field. Visitors will want to know more about your company, and so they will visit your website. If you have a blog, listeners will also go through it to get more information.

Customers are more likely to see you as a dependable business if you have a good reputation in the industry. Being identifiable and reliable through podcasts helps improve the company's reputation and increase brand recognition.

4. Helps Diversify Your Content Strategy

Why limit yourself to the podcast streaming platform when you can use that same content to update your blog and social media? The topics you talk about in your podcast can be reused to suit other forms of media. 

You can discuss podcast topics on your social media profiles or blog, and then encourage discussion from followers. This helps keep all other platforms updated and fresh. Aside from that, you get to entice new people to listen to your podcast and initiate engagement amongst the audience who can discuss the topics further in the comments section.

Once you've established a sizable following, your podcast can also be profitable. Advertisement, affiliate marketing, sponsorship, memberships, and donations are methods by which popular podcasts generate revenue. In other words, you can allow other brands to plug into your podcast and charge a fee for the exposure they get.


There are several good reasons why adding a podcast is great for your marketing strategy. It's effortless and inexpensive to get into podcasting, and it greatly benefits your company in the process. You can establish better customer relations, increase brand recognition, and even repurpose topics for other content marketing strategies.

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