25 YouTube Statistics To Improve Your Marketing In 2021

YouTube is a popular platform to share your videos with larger audiences. The first video uploaded on YouTube was on 23rd April 2005. Over a decade, YouTube has grown into a platform filled with enormous opportunities for many people.

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Before marketing on YouTube, look at the below statistics to improve your marketing strategy and grow your business.

#1. More Than 2 Billion Monthly Users

According to the latest survey in 2021, YouTube has 2.3 billion monthly active users. The visitors on YouTube are nearly one-third of the world’s population. The vast YouTube connections will reach out to target audiences and improve your business.

#2. Second Popular Website

Among internet users, more than 79% of people have an account on YouTube because it is an easy way to access any video and share it with larger audiences frequently. People watch YouTube from entertainment to learning. YouTube gives way for many video creators around the world.

#3. Second Largest Search Engine

YouTube becomes the second largest search engine after Google, showing the importance of YouTube SEO by sharing informative and engaging video content. The content with easy understanding leads to popularity among wider audiences.

#4. Available In 80 Languages And 100 Countries

Another interesting statistic on YouTube is sharing the video content in 80 different languages, and 100 countries are using this video sharing platform to engage more audiences. Use this application to reach different locations in multiple languages to gather many audiences for your business.

#5. 74% Of American Adults Use YouTube

In America, the most popular social media platform is YouTube according to Pew Research. The adults of 74% in the U.S. use YouTube, which is more than Facebook with only 68% of users and is nearly twice than Instagram users. 

From the research of eMarketers, by 2024, YouTube watchers in the US will increase to 228.1 million users.

#6. 55% Of People Use YouTube For Marketing

In 2020, Social Media Examiner’s report said that over 55% of people use YouTube for marketing their product. Giving a consistent video promotes your YouTube channel to grow your brand and make your presence on YouTube to stand out from your competitors.

#7. Upload 500 Hours Of Videos Every Minute

While preparing a video, make sure that the content is in an interesting way with informative concepts to get more views. Because the YouTubers, on average, upload over 500 hours of video content every minute. Use relevant keywords and hashtags to show your video concept in your title itself, where you will get a chance to view your video.

#8. 16.4% Of YouTube Traffic From US

As already discussed, the largest social media platform in the U.S is YouTube. The highest traffic on YouTube comes from the U.S with 16.4%, whereas India’s YouTube traffic is 9.2% only. 

#9. 70% Of Content Watched On Mobiles

Create video content that is mobile-friendly because more than 70% of the content is watched using mobile devices. Make sure that you publish a video to gain the total experience of your video on the small screen. 

#10. 62% Of Users Access Daily and Over 92% Weekly

YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform with a large active audience. Half of the YouTube users having accounts access this platform daily, with average active users of 62%. Nearly 92% of users visit Youtube weekly, that is, among ten users, nine users visit on a weekly basis, and over 98% of users watch in a month. Use this platform to find new audiences with greater engagement.

#11. 81% Of People Watch Videos From Recommendation

When you search for any topic on Google, the search result gives recommendations to watch videos related to your search. Out of five users, four users visit the YouTube platform by the guidance. Drive more traffic to your videos by using appropriate hashtags with relevant keywords.

#12. More Than 65% Of Users Feels The Real Content

Most people watch YouTube for an easy understanding of a specific topic. Over 65% of users feel that the content on YouTube gives the exact and true information they want. YouTube helps people develop their hobbies and passion in a useful way and serves as an excellent platform for marketers to show their strength.

#13. 37 Million YouTube Channels

Due to the large audiences on YouTube, many people started promoting themselves and their business by creating a YouTube channel. There are more than 37 million channels with 100,000 subscribers for 230,000 channels, over one million subscribers for 22,000 YouTube channels, and more than 10 million subscribers for 700 YouTube channels.

#14. Watching One Billion Hours Of Content Every Day

YouTube has not only large users of more than one billion people but also has engaging users on YouTube because, as per the recent survey, people watch more than one billion hours of video content on a single day. With this large engaging audience, you can also find new audiences on YouTube by publishing engaging content with attractive and apt titles.

#15. Age Of 18-34 Spend An Average of 41.9 Minutes Daily

Viewers between the age of 18-34 spend an average time of 41.9 minutes daily on YouTube for watching videos. The above information includes watching YouTube on the laptop, mobile device, desktop, and on connected TV. It is nearly an average of 4.9 hours weekly usage and about 255 hours in a year.

#16. Checking 8.89 Pages On YouTube Per Day

People driving into YouTube not only stick to a single video. They keep on searching for the related videos or any other trending videos and stay on YouTube by checking approximately nine pages in a day. This increases the usage time of YouTube and views for many video content.

#17. Videos Targeting On “Beginners” Increased To 50% In 2020

In the year 2020, the videos with the keyword “beginners” reached more than 9 billion views. Since 2020 was the year of social distancing and quarantine, people started to develop their hobbies by learning new things. 66% of people in Germany and 94% of people in India used YouTube in 2020. On average, 82% of people around the whole world used YouTube to learn themselves.

#18. Views 100 Billion Hours Of Gaming Content in 2020

YouTube has gaming channels of more than 400 million active channels. The interesting fact is that, among 400 million channels, 80,000 channels have a minimum subscription of 100000 members. The most-watched game on YouTube is Minecraft, with more than 201 billion views.

#19. 72% Of People Watches Videos To Keep Them Fit

Due to the pandemic situation in 2020, most people took care of their health by keeping them fit. The number of people searching for the particular keyword of “home workout” increases, and the videos targeting that keyword increases to 515%. For dance workout videos, the total views from mid-March to May is 180 million views. Focus on these kinds of videos might increase your audiences.

#20. 81% Of Parents Let Their Children To Watch YouTube

Most parents allow their children around the age of 11 or below to watch YouTube. This becomes the greater advantage for the brands selling kids’ products. Recent surveys show that 81% of parents let their children watch YouTube, giving brands the opportunity to do video marketing.

#21. 4th Most Downloaded App in iPhone

The video content is growing day-by-day among the people for easy understanding. Watching videos on mobile phones increases than on any other media. On the iPhone, after TikTok, Disney+, and Zoom, YouTube became the 4th most downloaded application in 2020. This shows the video content popularity on mobile phones and helps to reach targeted audiences.

#22. Highest Paid YouTube Channel

The first highest paid channel on Youtube is Ryan ToysReview, where a nine-year-old boy, Ryan Kaji reviews new toys and games, earning $29.5 million each year. The second YouTube channel paid the highest is Mr. Beast, with $24 million.

#23. Video Marketers of 89% Plan To Include YouTube

Most marketers use YouTube to market their products and grow their brand on a larger level. They focus on giving videos to feel the real content. The important marketing strategy among nine markets out of 10, plan to use YouTube to grow their business.

#24. 171 Million Subscribers For Popular Channel

There are about 171 million subscribers for the most popular YouTube channel, “T-Series.” It is a film production company uploading videos of Bollywoods daily to their channel. The other popular YouTube channels are,

  • YouTube Movies – 133 million subscribers
  • Music – 114 million subscribers
  • PewDiePie – 109 million subscribers

#25. Advertising Revenue Of YouTube

YouTube is an excellent platform for advertising your brands and products to reach out to more audiences. In the third quarter, YouTube got over $5 billion in advertising revenue in 2020.

Wrapping Up

Improve your marketing strategy on YouTube by using the above statistics and grow your business. Also, know about other marketing platforms to stand out among your competitors and reach out to your target audiences.