How to Get the Most Out of iTunes 11 With These 5 Tips

iTunes has always been the one-stop destination for all the entertainment related stuff. Boon for the macOS and Windows users, it allowed them to purchase, play, or even download the digital multimedia on their devices.

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Initially, the central focus of iTunes revolved around music. It’s collection and storage. However, the basic features got a new tinge in the year 2005, when it started supporting digital videos, and fixing iPhone visibility issue with iTunes podcasts, e-books, etc.

With each upcoming version and advanced features, it has always moved an inch closer to its users. iTunes 11 was launched in the year 2012 and took the market by storm with its overwhelming new aspects. It welcomed people with a fresh user interface along with the new grid look. Allowing better integration with the iCloud, media files were no more supposed to be downloaded before playing, which in turn helped access to all the collection without compromising on disk storage.

Also, one can’t get enough of the new album cover look on the library, which shows a larger view of the album cover along with the tracks on the lower half of the screen(After selecting the album cover). The background color of the screen matches that of album color, and it’s no less than a treat to eyes.

iTunes opens in an album view by default that lets users have a much- organized idea at a glance. It has got new ways to navigate to the library, and the removed sidebar is cherry on the cake to the collected look.

Now Let’s look at the 5 simple tips to make the best out of iTunes 11.

1. Look up-to the ‘Up Next Bar’

It is the option that appears in a three-lined blue color icon on top of your library. It displays what all plays next in the list, you can add songs of your choice to the list, by simply selecting and dragging a piece over that icon.

You can also delete songs from the same program. What’s even better is, each song has an option ahead wherein after clicking, it shows ‘Play next.’ It allows you to change the order as per your opinion. Chances in front of the song name, also allow users to jump directly to the album or artist of that particular song. You can call this feature your customization box.

2. Your Mini-player got so much better

One of the best features of iTunes 11 includes an improved mini player. You can now get hold of it in several ways, but let’s look at the easiest one. Click on the little rectangle-shaped icon on the upper right corner of your library, and you get a minimal interface on your desktop.

Now what’s amazing is, even with such a small interface on screen, it offers you all the needed options. You can use the search bar, up next opportunity, and again go back to the full version by clicking on the rectangle icon, this time on the left upper corner of your screen.

3. Device Manager Tab got interesting

Another cool feature that iTunes 11 offers is some addition to the device manager option. Just click on the device option on the right side of your library. It shows the no of devices currently synced to your library, click on the device, and it displays a summary, app, info, and other information just like in the older version.

What will catch your attention is the long colorful bar that appears on the bottom, and it shows which content is currently on the device, and it’s in a much organized and authentic look than the earlier versions.

4. Try the improved Search Bar

One great thing that you might have missed in this version of iTunes is the better version of the search bar. Search Bar appears on the top right side of your library. Now, e.g., if you search an artist in this search bar, it will show results under different categories like songs, albums, etc. Isn’t that much organized and better set up that will let users choose as per their wish? It can be used to reach out to a particular thing quickly and effectively.

5. Share Media with your Apple TV

Well, here’s another exciting feature to look upon. This one is for the people who have got Apple TV as part of their home gadgets. You can pick media on your photo gallery, and it will pop up on your Apple TV. Just follow the steps.

  • Click File
  • Select Home Sharing
  • Choose Photos to share with Apple TV

After this, a window appears in which you can select all the media you wish to pop up on your TV. This lets you have a look at your media files on a bigger and better screen and that too in such an effortless manner.

So that’s how we saw, how can we make the best of it by all the above mentioned simple tips. Besides all of this, iTunes 11 even allows you to customize the format of media content. You can convert it to a mobile version h or any smaller format. Having an array of such unique features at hand, users can’t get enough of iTunes 11.