What to Know about Epilepsy in 2023

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Epilepsy, also known as seizure disorder, can be a very frightening condition. Epilepsy can be brought on by many different factors and last different lengths of time and is a lifetime condition for many. Those who have experienced seizures know how important it is to know how to manage this disorder. Many people may be unfamiliar with epilepsy and its connections to daily habits such as sleep, diet, and exercise and how to find support. Here is what to know about Epilepsy in 2023.

Sleep Matters

A lack of sleep has been shown to aggravate epilepsy in many patients and can be a trigger for future seizures. Sleep is an essential period of rest for the body and those with epilepsy need to ensure they are creating better sleeping habits. Many who experience seizures usually feel tired after an episode and need to rest and sleep. Don’t skip out on this step. It is vital that the brain and body recover after an epileptic episode.

Try going to sleep earlier and creating ideal sleep conditions. This means turning off technology before bed, creating a dark sleep space, and removing all stimulation from your daily routine at least an hour before bedtime.

Keto Diet

The Ketogenic diet has been shown to help epilepsy patients regain some control over the disorder. The Keto diet may seem like a fad but it has been followed by many epilepsy patients for years in an effort to curb seizures. Eating keto includes eating very low carb meals and plenty of healthy fats. Keto can promote significant strides in improving health and that is vital for epilepsy patients.

Research Peptides

Peptide studies have been conducted on different animals including mice and fish to see how peptide use affects different systems within their bodies. One such peptide, Sermorelin, in studies on mice and fish showed better sleep regulation and even improved longevity. 


Physical fitness, even its extreme forms, has rarely been noted to cause seizures but it has been shown to improve episodes of epilepsy. Overall, exercising leads to better health which is essential in maintaining a life with epilepsy. You don’t have to stop enjoying physical activities or sports because of epilepsy.

Medical Care

When dealing with epilepsy, following up regularly with a primary care physician is extremely critical. Doctors can help you determine signs of an upcoming seizure, find ways to manage this disorder, and even decrease the number of seizures through the use of medical interventions. Medical care shouldn’t be a last resort. There is an enormous amount of useful information and procedures that medical providers can implement into the daily routine in the life of someone who has seizures. This can be life changing and improve how people will approach this disease in the decades to come.

Don’t take medical care for granted. It can be the avenue of life saving measures during a bout with epilepsy. Doctors are trained to approach this disorder in an informed manner, giving beneficial advice on how to improve one’s quality of life.

Support is Essential

Quite possibly the most vital thing to know about epilepsy in 2023 is that finding a community of support is crucial to managing this disorder. Having support while experiencing this condition or seeing friends or loved ones manage this disease helps to reduce levels of stress and anxiety. Epilepsy can be scary and having people you can lean on during the hard times can do wonders while navigating the difficult days.

Epilepsy doesn’t have to ruin a person’s quality of life. Knowing this important information about epilepsy can help anyone living with epilepsy enjoy their life. There is a lot of research being conducted and strides are being taken to eliminate this disorder and bring comfort to those managing this disorder.

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