What is a TALL Stack Developer?

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What is a TALL Stack Developer?

The Breakdown of TALL:

A good software developer can be determined by the type of work they put forward. There can be simple developers who use just a single or maybe 2 languages to make a good and user-friendly application or software.  

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Still, a TALL stack developer needs to master four different languages or frameworks to bring an even better experience for the user. A developer needs to know these languages to be deemed suitable for a task fit for a seasoned TALL stack developer.

Tailwind CSS:

You might have heard of the traditional CSS, but the better and more efficient version is Tailwind, which gives you access to different writing utilities that are not available in its predecessor.  
The utilities used in Tailwind CSS include pt-4, shadow-LG and bg-red-500 to your foundational browser. Tailwind can be hard to get used to, but once you do, you can do many interesting things to your codes that you can never imagine with normal CSS.

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Think of Alpine.JS as adding a touch of the good old Java without having to go through the lengthy process of writing its syntaxes for the code. Alpine.JS has made things easy for the developer by introducing a simple function, which upon entering in the code, can give a whole new level of interaction to your website or software. This simple framework can do event modelling, transitions, and more.

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Laravel is not something new, but it is considered one of the easiest ways to add expression and fun to your web page. It cuts the developer's work to almost half, if not more, and gives predefined tasks like caching, authentication and routing in different web pages. You can choose from many formats and syntaxes and make a unique web page, which screams technological perfection.


What if you were told that there was a way you could write dynamic codes and still have great interaction and visualizations without using Java or PHP? Livewire is that magic wand that simplifies everything else.

It is a complete full-stack framework with its JavaScript, so when writing a code, Livewire sends in requests to said JavaScript and different actions are carried out from there. Livewire is a one-window operation, and you can easily get the hang of it.

A TALL stack developer is why you see all of those amazing creative and interactive web pages and software. It's all in the magic of their codes and how they use simple syntaxes and functions to create something unique and distinctive.

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