Top Emerging Magento Trends

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Top Emerging Magento Trends


The progress of eCommerce industry is changing year by year, this evolution has made super easy for the online shoppers to get their desired product and service fast, reliable and user-friendly. To the world of the eCommerce industry, the way of promoting their brands and services have increased their sales prominently to be forecasting a rapid growth of 23.7 % by each year. And this is a never-ending process by looking after growth of eCommerce Industry.

Do you know, the global retail eCommerce is emerging from year to year as its customer grow? And forecasting result shows that 63.5 % of increases in sales growth compared to traditional market.

Why Magento?

When we say eCommerce development platform, even though we have lot of CMS available on the web. Magento development is considered as the best and most preferably leading open source and fully integrated E-commerce platforms for online shopping websites and mobile apps.

It comes with a lot of extraordinary integrated and powerful features for best eCommerce experience. That offers excellent user interface, shopping cart, analytics and reporting, checkout, Payment & shipping, Customer service & accounts and search engine optimisation friendly and more.

Magento Key Trends

Following are few of many key emerging magento trends which we're highlighting.

1. Digitalise the mobile E-Commerce

In 2017 as predicted the mobile usage and traffic has been increasing day by day. (Based on numerous studies and mobile E-commerce statics.) It significantly shows that internet traffic is more from smart phones and tablets than the desktop. So, it is clear that the majority and incredibly high number of customers visit from their mobile devices. So, if you’re planning or running any eCommerce website or app you must cater to mobile users first methodology.

Considering the UI/UX part that builds a mobile app for their E-commerce store make sure the native look, accessibility, Advanced features, e-commerce driven capabilities and feel. A user-friendly E-commerce website brings more online traffic that leads to target potential customers and business conversion.

2. Social Media

Over the past few years social media have become an integral part of people lives and turned into a marketing strategy. Social media plays an evolutionary role in eCommerce marketing Strategy. Today everyone is online, the E-commerce industry marketers target the potential customers in various platforms in Social media to increase the brands and awareness and this helps marketers to promote their business in a faster way.

Furthermore, consumer’s reaction to your product can be given in various ways like comments, views, suggestions and explore in many ways and this helps to push your business on top.

Selling on social media is one of fast-paced Magento eCommerce trends in recent years.

Start your social media campaign in Magento eCommerce website or app, this can assist your business growth and in generating revenues for your businesses.

3. Mobile Payment features

The E-commerce ecosystem is rapidly emerging in the electronic payment technology and online payment processing. In the E-commerce business world., the mobile payment and the transaction technology process has become more easy, secure and instant. People are widely adapted to the secure payment and fast transaction process in mobile devices.

Magento eCommerce development gives the best payment solution for different payment processing through online like (Paypal), debit card, credit card and other payment solutions.

4. Security

Security plays an important role in eCommerce websites or applications, this defines the loyalty between the consumers and online retailers.
All the transaction and payment process involved in your e-commerce platform should be authenticated to elevate the customer concerns regarding security.

Magento platform works to break the security breaches and remains updated with all its high secure policies and authentications methods.

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Guest Contributor