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Short Arrow Functions Approved By PHP

Lots of developers have been a fan of the short arrow function usage since their addition to programming languages. In JavaScript, it has helped make coding functions/closures more concise.

What Type of Hosting is Right for You? Shared, Reseller or VPS?

Depending on the specific needs you have for your website both today and in the future, you're going to need to choose from one of a number of different options, with the majority falling into three categories: shared, reseller, or VPS hosting. Here's how to tell which hosting type is right for your needs.

Internet Statistics for 2019

The Internet has literally changed the way we live our lives. It has changed the way we interact with one another and it has become our favourite communication channel.

How Machine Learning Can Benefit Your Business

Data has become a precious asset for most businesses and big organisations in today's world. One good reason why many large companies place a high value on their data is that it helps them develop strategies that can be vital for the success of their business.

How Smart Startups Keep Users Engaged

Indisputably, the mobile industry is growing rapidly and applications are the way to go. For app startups, there have never been better times in the history to begin a profitable business. Day-by-day, more and more consumers are striving for the on-demand services to get things done easily and without any hassle.

Take a look at what happened this #LaraconUS 2k18

Another #LaraconUS in the books & It was the 6th instalment of #LaraconUS happened at Chicago with full swing & we got a lot to learn this time with exceptional line of speakers and never-ending community support by fellow Artisans

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