Saturday , 25 June 2022




What are Chatbots? & Why is it Important?

One of the biggest challenges is its security. To interact with the chatbot, share their personal information, and query with them, they must trust this artificial intelligence. The design should be hack-proof and highly secure to prevent any hackers from obtaining information. 

10 Typical Web Design Interview Questions

The process of job search could be hard and stressful sometimes. Though, there's nothing very difficult – your preparation is essential, as always. Being a developer, you have a great chance to find a good place during COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some tips to help you to invent your own strategy for interview – inevitable for job hunters.

FaceTime Coming on Android & Windows Platforms through a Web App

FaceTime is the in-built Apple application for video calls and conferences, and we all know that. Additionally, the world also knows that this can be used by Apple users only. But, this myth is going to end soon enough as Apple has declared that FaceTime will be available for non-Apple users, too. And, that’s a huge announcement for the integration of the remarkable platforms.

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