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10 Typical Web Design Interview Questions

The process of job search could be hard and stressful sometimes. Though, there's nothing very difficult – your preparation is essential, as always. Being a developer, you have a great chance to find a good place during COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some tips to help you to invent your own strategy for interview – inevitable for job hunters.

FaceTime Coming on Android & Windows Platforms through a Web App

FaceTime is the in-built Apple application for video calls and conferences, and we all know that. Additionally, the world also knows that this can be used by Apple users only. But, this myth is going to end soon enough as Apple has declared that FaceTime will be available for non-Apple users, too. And, that’s a huge announcement for the integration of the remarkable platforms.

Website Design Considerations for a Website Designer

In the recent past, the dimensions of online business and digital marketing have seen a drastic transformation. Therefore, there are a few things that every designer must take into consideration before embarking upon designing. Now companies are focusing on reducing the bounce rate and shifting towards an enhanced user experience.

Popular Chrome Extension The Great Suspender Contains Malware

Chrome is currently ranked as one of the most used web browsers today. The purpose of extensions is to provide additional functionality to your browser and the websites you access on your browser. To enhance its performance, many free and premium extensions have been added to the Chrome Web store over time.

5 SEO Power Tips You Need to Know To Get Better Reach

It's a well-known fact that Google loves to change its algorithm now and then which is why you need to understand what SEO is required for. This automatically means you need to stay updated with all the information and changes made to the SEO algorithms.

Web Developing: Simple Guide For Beginners Who Want to Learn

Developing a website is a long process; from buying domains to making an attractive and interactive website, it takes a lot. All that follows while creating a website can seem intimidating and challenging to a beginner. However, over time, development and evolution on the Internet and the web designing field have made it all straightforward and easy for new designers to follow along.

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