Stateless Functional Components in React

A stateless component is just presentation of the state. It only can render props and it should only do that. A good example is a header component: let’s say we have a header which needs to be styled and displayed especially so we create a header stateless component which would look like this.

Laravel CRUD Validation

When it comes to validation in Laravel. Developers often refer to using separate Requests to achieve it. Now for creating and updating, rules might get a little bit tricky. But we've got you covered.

Download Files with Axios

You must be familiar with axios calls for API consumption, but what about getting the files in response and render those files to the user for download. We got your covered, the below snippet is tested and works well.

Handling file Inputs in PHP with CURL

Handling files while working with APIs are always a pain. While working with API calls, the most common solution is cURL for sure for requesting & receiving data through the valid endpoints.

How to Migrate SQL dump file with Laravel

Database Migrations are no doubt the best thing about Laravel, where your PHP code transforms into SQL with so less effort than usual. But what if you wanted to write a migration for a SQL dump file?

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