How to Create PDF Files: Follow These Easy Steps

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How to Create PDF Files: Follow These Easy Steps

The procedure to create, convert, and export these file formats is a reasonably straightforward job that a person familiar with the computer basics can quickly adapt.

PDF provides security assurance to your files, which is excellent for sharing legal documents, or personal data through the web, making it reliable in the business field.

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Moreover, PDF formatted files are easily accessible through any device as long as they have a working web browser. Further, in this article, we will discuss the simple process of creating a PDF with Windows and Mac.

How to Create a PDF with Window 10's built-in PDF Printer

The latest Windows 10 has a built-in PDF printer that can help convert documents or any file type to a PDF, be it images, web pages, or anything. The process involves you to choose the PDF option at the time of printing

- To create a PDF file, let's take a text file from any application. It can be Word or even Notepad. Depending upon the application, the layout can differ slightly, but the entire concept and procedure that follows is the same.

- Select "Print" from the "File" dropdown or use the shortcut Ctrl + P on the application that you are using

- This will display a list of default Print options in Windows. Select the PDF printer from the option, and now the document you will print will be in a PDF file.

- After you click on the final Print option the Windows will direct you to a standard Save As pop-up. Here you can name your PDF and save the PDF.

You can also select multiple images and form one single PDF.

- To combine all the images, you must select the images from the File explorer

- Right-click on the chosen images and select “Print.”

- You will then be asked to pick your printer, which you must set to PDF printer and hit print

- You now have a new saved PDF on your hard drive

Microsoft Word

has a built-in feature that can help you convert your Word document to PDF while not messing up the layout and the format.

- Open your Word document and click "File" in the taskbar

- From the sidebar, click on "Save As" to save the document on the PC

You will then be asked to feed in the same and select file type from the dropdown. Here you will select PDF and then save the document

How to create a PDF on your Mac

To create a PDF of a document on Mac comes with three steps

1. Create a blank PDF

For creating a blank PDF, you will require a PDF editor, for example, a PDF Expert. This editor has built-in features that can let you add annotations, edit texts, and much more.

- As your first step, you must download the PDF Expert and open it once done

- Select File and New File or Ctrl + N to open a blank paper in PDF.

2. Create a PDF by converting

Another standard PDF conversion method is to save your Word document on your hard drive like you normally would. But when you have to share this file, you can

- Right-click on the save document, select "Export as PDF," and share it through the email

There are many PDF converted online that can do this task for you. You just need to upload your document on the web and press convert.

  1. Create PDF through Print

Like how we create PDFs in Windows, we can convert files to PDF through a printer. You just need to set your printer to PDF.

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