FaceTime Coming on Android and Windows Platforms through a Web App

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FaceTime Coming on Android and Windows Platforms through a Web App

Apple announced this thrilling news at WWDC 2021. Additionally, with the advent of iOS 15, the FaceTime application for iOS users would receive extra perks. But, the FaceTime application won't be available for Windows and Android devices. Then, how will users on these platforms use FaceTime? Stick to the end to learn everything.

How can anyone Use FaceTime calls on Android and Windows?

As we have already told you, FaceTime is not destined to hit the grounds of Android and Windows as an application. Confirmed by the web development service team, FaceTime calls can be shared on different platforms via links. It implies that any Apple user can initiate a FaceTime video chat, and if he or she shares the link, then other users can join the chat.

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For instance, if you have an Android or Windows device, you can’t launch a FaceTime chat with your family or friends. One of your friends or family should have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to schedule a FaceTime call. Once they share the link via mail or any Google chat, you can only use the shareable link to enter the call. However, users can share the link on different devices and media.

After receiving the link on your email, WhatsApp, or Calendar notifications, you are ready to join the FaceTime call. Click the link, and it will redirect you to the browser you have set as default. The browser would open up the FaceTime window. Furthermore, you need no other application or an Apple device to join FaceTime.

The initiator must have an Apple device and a valid Apple ID to initiate the FaceTime conference. So, if you have an Apple device and ID, then it’s your time to make your friends realise the advantages of FaceTime calling. Because additional perks have been integrated with FaceTime for iOS 15, macOS Monterey, and much more.

What Can We Expect to Change?

Well, we are about to see a tough competition between Zoom video chat and FaceTime call with the release of iOS 15. No doubt, Zoom has governed the video conference territory for a long time. However, countless users have complained about the security leaks of Zoom video calls. 

FaceTime calls come with an end-to-end encryption feature, and Apple has been serious about safeguarding our privacy forever. If you’re used to relying on Zoom and Microsoft chat, then you can try the FaceTime one. There’s only one caveat: One Apple user has to create the link to the video conference. 

However, general iPhone or Apple device users can’t launch such calls right away. All the updates regarding FaceTime are going to be available with the advent of iOS 15 and macOS Monterey. These updates are not still available for general Apple users. If you register yourself for the public beta version, then you can use the benefits of FaceTime calls.

Apart from using FaceTime in its authentic view, the users can experience some advanced features. The facility comes with a grid view and SharePlay amenity. Users can easily schedule calls on the application, as well.

FaceTime Updates to be Hitting the Floor

Apple is really going to give close competition to all the ongoing video chats with its exciting features. In addition, Apple has announced all the functions of FaceTime that would be worthy for enjoying a seamless video chat. 

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The first potential benefit that FaceTime shareable links will get is its non-compromising attire towards security. Be it a friendly conversation, school discussion, or business conference — FaceTime calls are perfectly efficient. Apple wasn’t a part of this group of conferences such as Skype, Zoom, or Meet, but now, this can be a golden opportunity, owing to all the upcoming features.

Spatial Audio

All the background noises make video conferences intolerable. Keeping that in mind, Apple developers have found a solution regarding eliminating background noises. On activating the spatial audio isolation feature, FaceTime would mitigate all the background noises. 

Presented in WWDC 21, spatial audio isolation removed the noise from the leaf blower, and only the speech could be heard. Hence, users can tackle the noise level during video chats by the spatial audio isolation function.

Switch to Portrait Mode

Do you want all the limelight on you while video calling? FaceTime offers you the chance to be in focus with the Portrait mode. Inspired by the portrait quality of iPhone-clicked photos, the mode will blur out everything around you. And, the feature will concentrate on you only. 

Well, Zoom provides a similar Portrait option, based on the application. Let’s see how FaceTime can perform with a web-able app experience.

Group Grid View

Scattered faces all over the screen while video chatting can be annoying for group calls. FaceTime has found a solution for you with the Grid View feature. The particular Grids will showcase all the users on the call.

In addition, the active user would be highlighted so that you can understand who is talking right now. It also reminds us of the Gallery view on Zoom video calls.

What’s More?

These are not the only features of FaceTime that are going to appear this fall. Now, you can share real-time incidents and binge-watch anything on FaceTime with SharePlay. And, the functionality is integrated with every Apple device. SharePlay is compatible with Apple Music, Apple TV, iTunes, TikTok, HBO, Paramount Plus, Disney Plus, etc. Let’s wait for the official release and enjoy the supreme version of FaceTime with iOS 15.

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