Facebook: 5 Essential Tips to Increase Your Organic Reach

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Facebook: 5 Essential Tips to Increase Your Organic Reach

Before going into the tips of boosting organic reach, it is crucial to understand the exact meaning of Facebook reach. The general definition of reach on social media means the number of people who saw a post. However, this is not similar to impressions, which refers to the times a post was reviewed by the same user or how many times it was overall seen. For this reason, reach is also known as ''unique impressions''.

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The most prominent solution is to dedicate more money to Facebook ads and time to increase your reach. However, there are several ways through which your organic post can reach the target audience and beat the Facebook algorithm. If effective ways are put into use, your organic content can effectively increase Facebook's organic reach.

Below are some essential tips to help you reach the goal:

Try out different post formats 

Different post formats are essential to examine if you want to extend the Facebook organic reach. For instance, if you mainly post pictures and the reach has been decreasing over time, try to use video content and identify the changes in results. If the results from using videos are not satisfactory, link posts with content that will captivate the audience.

Even if you're getting an adequate reach by using identical regular Facebook posts, trying new post formats will keep your audience engaged and keep your content fresh. Don't own your account limited to basic post formats; instead, become creative than using the standardized text post types.

You can also start a Q&A session or create a poll to keep your audience involved.

Make use of appealing visual content

Visually engaging content is essential to make your post stand out among the crowded Facebook newsfeed. A recent study found that 60% of marketers prefer visual content for social media marketing strategy, a crucial part. Moreover, Facebook posts that contain images receive 2.3 times greater engagement than the ones without pictures. Additionally, the posts with high concentration are upraised in user's feeds which results in greater reach. For this reason, the use of visual content is considered an essential strategy for enhancing organic reach.

Get in touch with influencers

Social media influencers are one of the most effective ways to get more traffic on your Facebook page. The influencers can guide the right traffic to your page and also create hype for your page. According to recent research, 92% of consumers have a great chance of trusting a social media influencer instead of celebrity endorsement or an ad. However, this method may not be considered the most "organic" due to the price that social media influencers require. But still, it is one of the most effective ways to increase the reach.

Evaluate the right time to post

Ensure the proper timings to post your content on Facebook if you want your message to reach the target audience. It is essential to evaluate the time at which your audience will be online, and for that, you can use Facebook analytics. You will also face greater competition by posting at peak hours which means more posts will be seen at those times. To increase the chance of your content appearing first on your user's feed, posting when your fans are browsing Facebook is essential.

Be consistent with your content

The consistency of posting content is essential once you learn when and how much posts should be shared on Facebook. Consistent content plays a vital role in building communication and relationship with customers through social media. A clear communication path is not constructed if you are not active on Facebook and post limited content only a few times a month.

Make use of organic content to see what best suits your page. It is critical to keep the audience preference in mind before creating content to increase organic reach on Facebook.

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