How does the Facebook Algorithm Work & How to Make it Work?

It is often confusing for many individuals to see some posts trending and going viral on Facebook. Other posts that might be more informative and fun to watch wither away without getting any recognition or likes. This often leaves creators disappointed. This makes us question the Facebook algorithm and how it works.

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The answer is simple. The Facebook algorithm works differently for each individual. It is based on their likes and dislikes. We all know that the Facebook algorithm controls how the posts are presented to us and in what order. In other words, each time a user refreshes their feed, Facebook analyzes, evaluates, and scores every post and arranges them in order. The most relevant to our likes and previous searches make their way to the top of our feed every time we refresh it. 

Apart from this, there are a few changes made to the Facebook algorithm, and there is no denying that Facebook prioritizes paid advertisements of brands with a higher fan base than other small-scale brands. A few changes that affect social media marketers are:

Facebook Algorithm that affects Business and Brand Marketers:

  • On January 12, 2018, Mark Zuckerberg posted about how Facebook was built to connect family and friends, which seemed to have gotten crowded and overshadowed by posts from brands and businesses. This user feedback made him change the Facebook Algorithm, which means posts from friends and family are prioritized more than any other content. 
  • News and articles trustworthy, relevant, and local are prioritized over any misleading, false, or irrelevant information.
  • Your friends will not be able to see the posts that you’ve liked. 
  • Pages that post false news are no longer allowed to run ads on Facebook.
  • Any page or account that uses engagement baits or clickbait headlines is to be down-ranked. 
  • Posts that are timed and authentic are ranked higher than other positions. 
  • Video marketing is gaining popularity and is getting a higher priority on Facebook. 
  • Any post that uses links that work slow on mobile phones or is linked to low-quality websites is ranked lower and shown less. 

Do Your Homework

So, if you’re someone who is looking to achieve a bigger reach and following on Facebook, you need to thoroughly study the rules and regulations put together by the tech giant and follow them while you create content. Dive deep into policies and understand what needs to be done in order to get better traffic on your page/post. Study the medium!

What Needs to Be Done

Post unique content when your audience is live or at prime time when you can tap into your potential audience. Moreover, try to study your results. A great way to understand what is happening is to analyze your performance. Consequently, you’ll have data that will assist you to work your way up. Furthermore, you can also switch up the content to see how what kind of content performs. All in all, you need to keenly study results.