Estos son los consejos ocultos para conseguir trabajo en Fiverr

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Estos son los consejos ocultos para conseguir trabajo en Fiverr

Many of you may already be aware of the concept of Freelance work and infamous freelance platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal, and Guru that are leading the market currently. Fiverr especially has become the talk of the town with businesses, offline and online, availing its services.

It might seem easy to land a job through these platforms, yet it isn't as easy as it looks. People spend months searching for gigs yet end up with nothing but empty hand and pockets (quite literally).

So, if you genuinely want to know how to land a job on Fiverr or to make your sellers happy, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll be disclosing tips and tricks that can make your journey on Fiverr easy!

Get a More Sharable URL

Have you ever paid attention to your Fiverr gig URL? For most of the sellers, it looks something like this "" This URL is generated when you publish your gig and can never be changed.

However, if you want to make your gig more memorable to the sellers, you'll need to use this little hack when publishing a gig on Fiverr.

To change the URL to something different, write as few words as you can that perfectly describe your gig in the gig title field. This will make whatever you write, excluding the "I will" part, become the URL. Wouldn't that be a more favorable URL? After it's been published, you can reedit your title to something more appropriate.

Use Keyword Modifiers on Fiverr

It's a struggle for many to get visibility for their gigs on Fiverr, yet one way to overcome that problem is to utilize keyword modifiers. They tend to be in the less competitive zone than the head terms.

In simple words, if you write "illustration" into the Fiverr search box, then the search algorithm will show you thousands of gigs to select from. However, if you type "illustration in 24 hours," then the search result would be much lesser, which means you'd have a chance of landing a job. 

You can use some keyword modifiers: fast, 24 hours, unique, bespoke, custom, using photoshop, with aftereffects, etc. You can research your niche and use the modifiers as suitable for your gig.

Raise Your Prices, Move Away from the $5 Tag

If there is one myth among the freelancers that torments them is that charging more money for your work would cost you sales. This is baseless and completely untrue. The opposite of it is true.

You can still charge as low as $5 for your gig. Fiverr has actively been moving away from that market place with sellers expecting that price as an absolute minimum.

Understandably, there is anxiety attached to the notion of raising rates, especially as someone new on Fiverr. Yet, it's something that must be done. In case you want to land a good job and earn an appropriate amount of money.

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