Delicious Brains acquired ACF

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Delicious Brains acquired ACF

ACF recent press release came out as a shocker where Elliot announced for the plugin's acquisition by Delicious Brains. Learn more on the press release here.

Introduction to the Plugin

ACF is a well-known plugin in the WordPress community, and TWT's personal favourite, developed by Elliot Condon 10 years ago from today and maintained and worked on the plugin full-time. ACF has over 1 million downloads and developers are using this awesome plugin in their websites. This plugin also comes with a PRO version which enhances and provides more features then the freebie version with more custom fields to tinker around in the website.

Hello Delicious Brains!

Every WordPress developer must've known this company from their name or maybe by their plugins and products , and the amount of work they put in for the WordPress community. Delicious brains most common plugins include WP Offload Media, WP Migrate DB, and SpinupWP.

General reaction to the news was positive, as ACF fits in neatly with Delicious Brains’ suite of well-maintained developer products. The company’s founders also possess a genuine appreciation of ACF and its importance to the WordPress developer community.

“I don’t think WordPress would be where it is today without ACF,” Brad Touesnard said on a recent episode of the Delicious Brain Waves podcast.

Delicious Brains’ announcement stated that the company will be reviewing Condon’s roadmap for the product in hopes of fulfilling his vision moving forward.

After the initial announcement, there was some confusion surrounding lifetime licenses that originated from a hasty response to a customer inquiry. Delicious Brains has since updated the post to clarify the company’s commitment to ACF Pro’s lifetime customers.

“We are committed to honoring lifetime licenses forever,” Touesnard said. “Lifetime license holders will get all ACF Pro software updates forever.”

More information on how the acquisition happened, as well as what customers can expect in the future, is available on the most recent episode of the Delicious Brain Waves podcast.

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