9 Tips For Boosting Your Company’s Mobile Site Performance And UX

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9 Tips For Boosting Your Company’s Mobile Site Performance And UX

1. Be mindful of your users

To make the "user experience" stand out, you need to understand them first. Your company needs to understand the narrative that best describes your user's good and bad days. Moreover, with these stories' help, you can enhance the users' experience that addresses them accordingly.

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2. Make your call to action easy and appealing

For every persona, make the flow simple and clear. The concept has been evolved from having three-click aspirations on the browser to three swipes on mobile for users to engage and interact with calls to action.

3. Keep your applications and operating systems upgraded and modern

By ensuring that users are running upgraded operating systems and applications, they can enhance their UX and mobile site's experience and performance. Constantly updating and keeping mobile sites' infrastructure up to date will make your site better at security and several features that can save you from future destructions and losses.

4. Recognize your audience and the devices they use to connect with you

On studying the B2B SaaS solution's data, we found out that 95% of the visitors still use desktop. This is one of the reasons why we first focus on the desktop. However, if your data concludes that the primary use of your visitors includes mobile devices, which mostly happens in the case of B2C products, then you should focus on an app or Mobile UX.

5. Make sure your message is clear and to the point

One thing that is more important than UX is the message that you want to communicate. The most vital part of improving your company's mobile site and UX includes giving your message effectively to the audience. Ensure that your content and messaging strategy align with your UX when it comes to mobile development.

6. Follow the data, not trends, when it comes to making decisions

Ensure that you focus on the latest trends and the real data while upgrading your mobile site. Your company should focus on the data of site visitors or users who connect with your website, then optimize accordingly.

7. Sketch your website based on customer behavior

Evaluate and learn the buying behavior and usage of your products by customers. Analyze the platforms, browsers, and devices they use and focus on the types of products consumed. For example, do they prefer to use the product in the day or nighttime? Do they like vertical smartphones or horizontal tablets view? All these characteristics can make you realize which product is best preferred by your users.

8. Get help from experts

You can take ideas from outside expertise and bridge them with your company's internal leaders to enhance your business. It's fine to take suggestions and keep your company open to new ideas from outsiders as they perceive the world differently, which may help you think outside the box. Make sure you don't become the SME for a solution and focus on being the business SME to guide and help the outside expertise.

9. Give importance to edge data methods

It would be best to have a strong data architecture and precise data strategy to avoid the huge data calls to end. It would also be best to focus on the edge data methods rather than cached data for better app performance and customer experience.

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